Consignment Booking

CN Management

As a Transporter record all your consignments through the Consignment Note which automatically populates a Consignment Summary for viewing, reporting and control.

Choose to record a consignment to its maximum detail including the name of the Consignor, Consignee, from and to location, the type of Consignment, mode of transportation, Demurrage charges, Detention Charges and details of the Goods sent on Consignment.

Consignment Booking - Expand ERP
Consignment Booking - Expand ERP

Group all the consignments on a similar route to a single Manifest for maximum efficiency.

Track Finances

Track payments of your ‘Billed’ consignments along with the ‘To Pay’ and ‘Paid’ consignments

Consignment Booking - Expand ERP
Consignment Booking - Expand ERP
Record Other details

Record details of all the vehicles hired from the free market and also track all the third-party consignments which used the transporter’s vehicles.

Record details of the Unloading and Delivery of Consignments

Consignment Booking - Expand ERP
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