Expand ERP Accounting Software
Expand ERP Accounting Software
  • Credit Notes
  • Cost Centre
  • Finance Management

Best ERP for multi company, multi-location, multi user and multi currency

  • Define Cost Centre at every location of the business. Configure cost centre at point of transaction. Capture complete detail of any transaction by cost centre.
  • View cost centre summary and drill transaction from summary view.

  • Define annual budget for all the account heads. Get system alerts through email on exceeding of budget and mandatory approval process to proceed with transactions.
  • Generate comparison report on budget and actual figures.

  • Get credit notes for value adjustments. Get separate credit notes for quantity adjustments. Generate reports on outstanding.
  • Adjust credit note with future transactions. Define approval levels and access restrictions.

  • Get all the financial statements in a summary and detailed view.
  • Get option to drill into any summary figure for more details. View the statement for any date range.

  • Finance Management is the central application area of Expand ERP where all financial information is posted, summarized and reported.
  • Expand ERP offers legacy Accounting Software Integration for Businesses to continue using their preferred Accounting System.

  • You can manage posting securely by limiting access based on approval. You can set a lock date before which saving and posting will not be permitted. This gives you complete centralized control of access to posting.
Explore More Features

  • Drill-down functionality and on-the-fly filters transform your chart of accounts from a passive summary to a practical instrument that offers precise statements with fully updated information. After you set up the chart of accounts exactly as you want it, you are ready to find specific aspects of your company’s finances – with data from both the current fiscal year and previous years. You can set up all the accounts that you need in the chart of accounts and add more whenever necessary. You can decide the order they should appear in.

  • All aspects of tax handling and reporting are automatically managed by the system. You can create records of sales to customers, which are used to produce a complete tax statement including information about tax rules and figures. System gives you the flexibility of posting with different tax percentages for different types of products. It also enables you to have separate sales and purchase accounts for each sales tax percentage, if necessary.

  • For each account you establish, there is a Balance/Budget window that shows current year budget figures and/or actual figures for the entire chart of accounts. You can also look at the figures for individual accounts. Additionally, the selection filter can be combined with various dimensions, such as Over Budgeted, Below Budgeted, Not Budgeted and only Budgeted. When you change the settings, the figures are immediately updated according to your specifications. Just as easily, you can open a list of the entries that a figure is based on.

  • You can copy the contents of a field to another line, so you never need to retype the data. You can also enter frequently used texts from a table of standard texts for example narration. You can duplicate any voucher or transactions for fast data entry of multiple vouchers of the same type.

  • EXPAND smERP offers you a means of effectively managing posting and of checking journals before posting. A journal must balance before it can be saved. Again a journal is auto posted only when it gets approved.

  • In the chart of accounts, you can see continually updated balances and net changes for each account. They can be combined with a filter for date and business-unit dimensions. The filters can easily be defined, changed or canceled. And with a single click of the mouse, you can drill down to see a record of all the ledger entries that comprise a given figure.

  • All vouchers, which are used for posting directly to G/L accounts, provide flexible functionality for handling international business. It gives all users rapid and simultaneous access to data and reduces the need to reenter text. You can create as many vouchers as you want – one for each user, for example. Thus user can each work in their own general journal and all employees can enter and post data at the same time.

the Finance application area offers an efficient means of centralizing your company’s accounting information, posting specifications and other core data. Online integration means that:

  • Figures are continually updated
  • You can drill down throughout the system to trace the individual entries that a figure is based on
  • All users can enter and post data simultaneously
  • Input of redundant data is dramatically reduced

Key Benefits of Finance Management

  • Better control on cash flow & fund flow.
  • Generate complete audit trails.
  • Make reports using historical data
  • Automate procedures to improve workflow.
  • Use a consolidated approach for all cash transactions.
  • Reconcile all bank accounts based on the account statements issued by your bank.

A unified customer-centric offering for the entire customer lifecycle.

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Capture receipts transaction and advance receipts separately. Define approval levels. Generate one click vouchers. Tag bill, credit notes for adjustments.

Attach any scanned document or pdf for ready reference.


Capture receipts transaction and advance receipts separately. Define approval levels. Generate one click vouchers. Tag bill, credit notes for adjustments.

Attach any scanned document or pdf for ready reference.

Print bank cheques on a click along with payment advice. Automatically get alert for tax deduction if applicable.


Journals between nominal accounts are segregated from vendor accounts, making it secured in possibility for leakage.

Define security rights for access to journals and configure approvals.

Cash Bank Journal / BRS

View cash and bank in a snapshot. Drill into transaction for the view. Get user friendly option to search information by amount or in a date range.

Reconcile bank statement or get upload option to upload clearing dates. Generate one click reconciliation report.

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