Expand ERP reduces laborious work for maintaining Export documentation It has been very helpful to track, maintain and deliver goods efficiently
- Atul Jhunjhunwala, Director, Binayak Hitech Engineering Ltd.
Export Management Highlights
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Key Benefits in Expand ERP for Exporters
  • Expand ERP is designed to facilitate the entry of orders, export invoices, bill of lading, proforma, bill of exchange, packing list and much more.
  • Eliminates the hassle of manually preparing of documents in word editor and helps you complete export documents five times faster.
  • Instead of entering the same information over and over again, enter information in only one place. That makes you less likely to make costly mistakes.
  • Prepare documents properly  ⇒ Delivery of goods on time  ⇒ Document tracking  ⇒ Compliance with export regulations = Business growth.

What makes ExpandERP right for your Export Business ?

Order Management

Record Letter of Credit and Proforma Invoice and tag along with other transactions. Avoid repeated entry of data and eliminate possibility of errors. Get exhaustive order report linked with shipment, procurement and bank negotiation. Provision to attach any scanned document or PDF is extremely useful.

Foreign Exchange Computation

Multi-currency option is available to record transaction in any currency and generate views in any currency. System does automatic computation of foreign exchange gain or loss during transaction.

Improving Efficiency - Export Houses

Our Experience in Export Sector over a decade
  • Raw Cotton

    Commodities like Raw Cotton, Maze.

    Bales, Candy, Lbs conversion, Stock Adjustment due to moisture, Quality check.

  • Cast Iron

    Cast Manhole Covers, Curb/Service/Valve Boxes.

    Outsourcing, Subcontractor inventory & payments, Order Status & Dispatch Schedule, Weigh Bridge.

  • Ferro Alloys

    Produce Noble Alloys , Master Alloys and Bulk Alloys.

    Leads & Quotation management, Export documentation, Foreign Exchange Computation.

  • Leather

    Quality Leather Bags, Wallets and Accessories.

    Costing, Component measurement, Sampling, Production Stages.

  • Chemical

    Exports ENA, rectified spirit and DGGS.

    Batch Production, Quality Check by Product management.

  • Textile

    Fashion Products and accessories

    Outsourcing, Subcontractor inventory & payments, Order Status & Dispatch Schedule.

  • Chicory

    Chicory Seeds, Roasted Chicory, Roasted Chicory Extract etc.

    Seed & Farmer Contract management, Production Control, Sales & Partner incentives.

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