• Do away with time taking
    Expand ERP Software for Leather Industry
  • Eliminate Fines on Documentation Errors
    and Create Standard Documentation
    Expand ERP Software for Leather Industry
  • Free Your Resources
    for more Strategic Task
    Expand ERP Software for Leather Industry
Eliminate Fines on Documentation Errors
Expand ERP on Cloud for Leather Manufacturers
Key Benefits of Expand ERP for Leather Industry
  • Expand ERP software will be very productive for leather manufacturing industry.
  • It provides efficiency in the productions and acts as a streamline process in business thus making easier for the associated comapnies to collect data.
  • Our ERP for leather industry is an online application software so one can securely login from all over world.
  • It is fully web based so it greatly reduces manual paper work to a great extent
  • It is a software which will provide accuracy and modularity in one's business.
  • By using this software one can control one's business from anywhere in the world, it is a multi-platform software.
  • It provides world-class institutional support for design & product development, HRD and R & D.
  • It will help in producing modernized units by providing a systematic approach to business.
  • It is immensely a customer-friendly and user friendly software thus improving relation with customers.
Leather industry

Nowadays,all customers demands the best quality leather product at the most competitive rate.

The Leather Industry holds a prominent place in the Indian economy. This sector is known for its consistency in high export earnings and it is among the top ten foreign exchange earners for the country.

India is the second largest producer of footwear and leather garments in the world, India accounts for a share of close to 3% in the global leather import trade of US$ 137.96 billion (2010).

Expand ERP Software for Leather Industry
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