Expand ERP on Cloud for Liquor Industry
Allow us to enumerate a few Challenges in Liquor Mfg business
  • Daily production and Bank Account summary prepared manually on spreadsheets.
  • Empty Bottle and Crates holding managed through spreadsheets.
  • Excise and other statutory registers managed manually or through spreadsheets.
  • Customer wise aging and email notification all done manually.
  • Lower deduction on taxes ‘e.g. TCS’ for certain customers in a defined period.
  • Our valued customers like Bhattacharya Bottling, KD Liquor & Fertilizers and many more are now managing information on single integrated software. Productivity of each individual in their organization has improved manifolds. They get personal attention and immediate support on demand.

Ready to use CLOUD ERP for Liquor Mfg and Exporters


In Liquor Mfg Business addressing daily operational issues like production, inventory of Empty bottles and crates, Rebate of bottle return, excise documentation, debtor aging etc with just an accounting package and spreadsheet can be quite resource consuming and unproductive.

Huge amount of resource is wasted in preparing daily production, bank reconciliation, BL to LPL conversion, customer holding of bottle and crates and exhaustive sales register using spreadsheets.

Employees make numerous mistakes and spend time in preparing invoice, cross checking the validity of Rebates, Taxes and Excise output.

That’s why we are here to offer you end to end fully integrated smERP with ability to manage production, empty bottle movement, rebates and taxes along with material planning, finance and multi-unit inventory needs of your business.

Expand ERP Software for Liquor Industry
Our Valuable Clients
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