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    Expand ERP Software for Logistics
Logistics Redefined
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Everything for Logistics Business in a single system
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Expand ERP is a Cloud ERP Software
GPS Tracking

Logistic business depends on vehicle condition, location and safety of your employees. This requires you to be in contact with your employees even when your equipment and people are moving.

Expand ERP provides you the flexibility to track your assets via GPS integration. You can attach the GPS tracking device to your vehicle and then can track and see the current location of your vehicle on maps via your system or on your mobile.

You can get near real time information to manage your schedules and deliveries and can track potential trouble spots as well. It helps in cutting fuel consumption as you can guide with better routes and less being idle.

Moving Faster - Logistics Houses

Our Experience in Logistic Sector over a decade
  • Raw Cotton

    Commodities like Raw Cotton, Maze.

    Bales, Candy, Lbs conversion, Stock Adjustment due to moisture, Quality check.

  • Cast Iron

    Cast Manhole Covers, Curb/Service/Valve Boxes.

    Outsourcing, Subcontractor inventory & payments, Order Status & Dispatch Schedule, Weigh Bridge.

  • Ferro Alloys

    Produce Noble Alloys , Master Alloys and Bulk Alloys.

    Leads & Quatation management, Export documentation, Foreign Exchange Computation.

  • Leather

    Quality Leather Bags, Wallets and Accessories.

    Costing, Component mesurement, Sampeling, Production Stages.

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