Expand ERP on Cloud for Plastic Industry
Key Benefits of Expand ERP for Plastic Industry
  • ExpandERP boosts up your work station by designing your products, streamlining your process and assigning and scheduling your work station.
  • Smartly handle your inventory by managing batches from your entire inventory, preparing Inventory clearance strategies as per market needs and track your lot efficiently.
  • Distribute timely with ExpandERP by tractability of batches, Safe and reliable supply chain management.
  • We also provide finance management by managing your debit and credit, plan quotations, sales pipeline and performance tracker and payroll management.
  • From machine scheduling to scrap accounting, from multi-plant planning to batch management, now plastic manufacturing is smart with ExpandERP.
  • We also provide solution for procurement in plastic industry with mold procurement, vendor evaluation and subcontracting etc
Plastic Industry

Plastics are responsible for countless facets of the modern life we enjoy today.

From health and well being, nutrition, shelter and transportation to safety and security, communication, sports, leisure activities and innovations of industry – plastics deliver bountiful benefits to you and your world.

Expand ERP Software for Plastic Industry
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