Expand ERP on Cloud for Steel Industry

Key Benefits of Expand ERP for Steel Industry

  • ExpandERP helps to streamline all the critical operations from procurement to handling of raw materials and manufacturing to shipment of orders.
  • ExpandERP helps the users to keep track of multiple planning strategies and record all of them.
  • ExpandERP streamlines supply chain and inventory management and makes tracking system more convenient which reduces the time.
  • Analytics plays an important role to keep track of emerging market trends, raw materials pricing etc with proper business forecasting.
  • ExpandERP provides full transparency to the business owners to view all the critical processes at one go.
  • Control your business from anywhere of the world, it is a multi-platform software which provides online view of your receivables, payables, various order costs etc which gives a 360 degree view of your business
Expand ERP Software for Steel Industry
Steel Industry

Nowadays, all customers demands the best quality steel product at the most competitive rate, because Steel is very essential to the modern world.

Steel is used to build buildings, roads, railways etc. For a developing country, steel is also essential for economic growth.

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