Expand ERP on Cloud for Textile Industry

Key Benefits of Expand ERP for Textile Industry

  • ExpandERP has helped in increasing the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process by keeping record of the resources or raw materials used and required in the industry as well as keeping track of the data by keeping records in the software
  • ExpandERP provides solution by enhancing coordination by keeping an eye on the supply chain, warehouse and logistic
  • It also helps greatly in the function of tracking the progress made in the Textile Manufacturing process
  • It facilitates report generation which has to be updated every time a progress takes place
  • It helps reduce operating cost because it integrates processes of the business across departments onto a single information system. The problem of low inventory or reduced operating cost is ruled out
  • The day to day management becomes easy because it keeps a track of the warehouse also
Expand ERP Software for Textile Industry
Textile Industry

Indian Textile Industry contributes about 11 percent to industrial production, 14 per cent to the manufacturing sector, 4 percent to the GDP and 12 per cent to the country's total export earnings. The fundamental strength of this industry flows from its strong production base of wide range of fibers.

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