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Inventory Software
  • Stock Routing
  • Stock Transfer
  • Contact Management
  • Stores & Bin Management

With expand cloud technology access anywhere anytime.

Stock Transfer

Create unlimited warehouse locations, Stock Points, Sales Depots through the Channel concept. Transfer stock between channels. Generate statutory transfer documents on a click. Get in transit status in quantity and value of goods.

Stores & Bin Management

Manage inventory at store level. Transfer inventory between stores. Define Bin Locations, Bin Capacity. Get system generated bin location for put away process on hand held. Get system suggested bin location on pick process on hand held.

QC Management

Specify all the Quality parameter of each product during definition. Automatically compute quality deduction based on the test result. Enable Quality check option at inwards, outwards and production process. Generate QC certificate on a click.

Looking for Seem less Business!..

Only Option Expand ERP.

  • Stock summary with drill option gives a consolidated stock of all location on a click. Can get details on lot, serial number, color, size, fit, condition and store location of the stock.
  • Expand has features which allow capturing gate pass, goods on doc, gate entry to ensure stock movement is monitored at all stage. You also have facility to get Email and SMS on reorder and reminder levels.

Spend less time in managing returns and more time in growing your business.

  • With Expand you can handle returned inventory and account for additional costs such as restocking charges. You can also organize:
  • Credit Memos.
  • Replacement goods.
  • Returns to vendors.
  • Accounts for additional costs.
  • Partial or combined return of shipments.

  • Easy Identification of what customers want by cross-referencing any customer code, internal code, or vendor code.
  • Allows to have different code for the same item as per various customers and vendors
  • Know about the items client want if are out of stock on a single click.
  • Know about the alternatives substitute which may be cheaper with a higher profit margin.

  • Manage the movement of inventory between warehouses.
  • Produce an overview and report of inventory in transit whenever you or your customers require it.
  • Effective tracking of inventory as it is moved from one location to other.
  • Account for value of inventory in transit and at various locations

  • Handle inventory in more than one location (for example, warehouses in UK, New York, and Los Angeles) from one database.
  • To Gain a complete real-time business overview.

  • Balancing inventory management with cost effective product is critical for keeping customer satisfaction high. Today, when there is fluctuating customer demand and shrinking product lifecycles, business need an integrated application to manage inventory accurately across multiple warehouse locations.
Explore More Features

  • Make Stock transactions in different units of measurement or in multiple units. Define unit conversion factor at product level. System converts and adjusts stock at primary unit automatically. Define tolerance level at unit conversion.

  • Easily manage inventory is similar stock with changed description. Create kits with components and disassemble kit to component. System automatically computes stock values.

  • Track and trace items at any time during the sales, purchase, transfer process, and afterwards with serial numbering and lot tracking.

  • Manage items individually per location. With stock keeping units, items can be described and managed individually per location including:
  • Replenishment methods
  • Safety Stock
  • Costs

  • Manage the requisition from stores
  • Manage the materials Receipt to stores
  • Manage the materials issue from stores

  • Receive requisition from branch
  • Issue materials to branch
  • Receive materials from branch
  • Manage stock transfer return at both end
  • Bills payable at receiving end branch
  • Bills receivable at transferring branch

  • Define product SKU. Scan item serial numbers for unique items. Assign Lot or Batch for products.
  • Define warranty or manufacturing date for each item. Scan product at inward or outward for error free transaction. Generate, print barcode for items. Search by Lot, Batch, and Serial for complete transaction history.

Key Benefits of Inventory

  • Expand ERP helps to predict estimated free dates and set automated reorder points, while keeping up-to-date on current stock levels and inventory.
  • With Expand ERP you can minimize stock on-hand and eliminate excess storage based on previous order history and current inventory data.
  • Manage dump stock.
  • Easy reconciliation of stock
  • Managing stocks at multiple locations and finding out real time stock situation across locations becomes very convenient.
  • Inter-location stock transfer and avoid delay in stock-outs.
  • Improve your customer responsiveness through better organization.
  • Tracing of inventory from purchase to sale.

A unified customer-centric offering for the entire customer lifecycle.

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"Expand ERP reduces laborious work for maintaining Export documentation It has been very helpful to track, maintain and deliver goods efficiently"

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