Payroll Management Software
Payroll Management Software
  • Payslip
  • Payroll Management
  • Employee Management

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  • Core human resource management administrative functionality
  • Payroll information
  • Historical data storage
  • Registration of benefits
  • Management of loans & advances
  • Reports for follow-up, periodic reporting and decision support for management

  • Generate monthly and weekly payslip. Automatically compute leave, absent, out of office and other criteria during salary computation.
  • Get options to adjust arrear, advance, loan, tax at source during payment. Get payslip on a click for all employees.

  • Define leave for individual employees or at the channel level. Define arrear if any for individuals. Get option for leave application, approval and rejection.
  • Get automatic email on any action on the leave or arrear. Send leave application from the mobile app.

  • Record complete details of the employee required for payroll and statutory purposes. Attach any documents or picture of the employee for ready reference.
  • Get flexible option to define holiday and week off for individual without effecting standard rules. For each salary component define formula for maximum flexibility.

  • Human Resource Management gives you an insight into the status of individual employees as well as an overview of your entire organization. Also gives your human resources team the core administrative tools to effectively manage individuals, teams and departments across your organization. With your employee information stored in a structured, easily retrievable manner you can concentrate on managing rather than simply documenting human resource issues.


  • Advanced setup for generating payroll monthly or weekly
  • Specify pay types for payment of standard time, overtime, break time and absences.
  • Calculate overtime based on the hours worked
  • Employee controlled pay definition – employees can define if overtime is paid or allocated as time off
  • Payroll statistics
Explore More Features

  • The pay slip generated must be approved for making payments
  • User may directly print the cheque from the pay slip payment interface.

  • Personnel Out Of Office Schedule
  • Make a entry for the duration a personnel being out of office for office work

  • Keep a track of all employee applied for leave
  • All leave application must be approved
  • Once approved will be auto adjusted while calculation pay sheet.

  • While generating pay slip, the system auto deducts all type of defined deductions and adds all perquisites defined in the personnel profile.
  • All applicable deductions & benefits may be defined for each employee or a group of employee at a time.

  • Employee absence administration
  • Setup and definition of multiple absence categories
  • Individual and collective absence registration
  • Statistical presentation of absence

  • Intuitive layout and structure
  • Advanced sorting and filter options
  • Built-in user help including an integrated manual
  • Auto posting to Finance Module

  • Upload attendance through excel, csv. Capture attendance and location through mobile app. Manage daily attendance from data entry module. Send system alert through SMS for late in and early out.

With expand cloud technology access anywhere anytime

Enjoy Unlimited opportunities, users and storage on the move.

Mobile based HR functions
  • Give your attendance, location from the mobile app. Apply for advance, loan and leave from the mobile app. Submit expenses, travel claim from the mobile app.
  • Apply for advance or loan from Mobile app. Get approval process and automatic emailing on approval or rejection. Track the repayments and manage through salary adjustment. Get automatic system alert on due dates for better management.

EXPAND smERP provides very extensive loan/advance management for employee:

  • To receive a loan or advance, employee have to apply by providing all related data as rate of interest, loan period, loan/advance amount, number of installment and installment amount to be deducted from pay etc.
  • This can be used as historical data warehouse for future transactions, as when a new application is created against an already existing loan account, system auto shows all due loans under details tab.
  • Both loan to employee and Advances require approval
  • System auto updates loan ledger when a loan is received or re-payment is done
  • Again when the salary is calculated the installment amount is auto deducted prescribed in advance application.

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