Procurement Management System
Procurement Management System
  • e-Procurement
  • Item Tracking
  • Quotation Management
  • Purchase Management

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Quotation Management

  • Compare quotations and validate with history price.
  • Link purchase quotations with enquiry to track supplier response.
  • Analyze supplier lead and price pattern with help of historical data.
  • Save scans of quotation and other related documents as file attachment for reference

Item Tracking

  • Track & trace items at any time during the purchase, transfer process, and afterwards with serial numbering and lot tracking.
  • Gate Entry and Goods on Dock modules allow extended status and control on the inwards.
  • Barcode scanner and Weigh Bridge integration eliminate history errors.

Save on time by eliminating costly errors.

  • Purchase Management helps you manage the entire purchase process relevant to your business that includes generation of requisition, purchase quote and purchase order management.
  • Deliver better customer service and helps reduce costs through optimization of your purchasing processes.


  • Purchase Planning screen helps centrally view Indents, Orders and Pending receivables.
  • Keep track of purchase Enquires.
  • Automatically generates Purchase Enquiry based on Requisitions, Indents

  • Define reminder levels and re-order level for each product.
  • Auto reminders on stock hitting reminder levels.
  • One click Indent on hitting re-order level.
  • Get Preferred Supplier suggestion for each Product with history price and average buy price.

  • Generate purchase invoices.
  • Generate purchase credit memos.

  • Automate the requisition procedure.
  • You may generate Purchase Order based on requisitions/Quotation.

  • Maintain vendor details.
  • Manage payable against each vendor
Explore More Features

  • Generate purchase order to facilitate receiving of goods and invoice in different time.
  • Helps to create blanket order and quotes which do not hit the inventory figures.


  • Efficiently manage sales and purchase prices and discounts with customers and vendors.
  • Specify specific sales/purchase prices and discounts for individual customers and vendors.
  • Manage general purchase prices for all of your vendors.

  • Set up relational exchange rates in the format applicable in your country.
  • For example, specify that one unit of local currency purchases X units of foreign currency, or that X units of local currency purchases 100 units of foreign currency.
  • Define specific exchange rates for daily transactions

  • Invoice a customer or a vendor in an unlimited number of currencies. For example, invoice, make and accept payments and create orders in the currency preferred by the customer or vendor for each individual transaction.
  • Assign a default currency to a customer or vendor that the program suggests whenever that customer or vendor is invoiced, makes a payment.

  • Define an unlimited number of currencies and add or delete currencies at any time.
  • Define rounding precision for amounts, invoice amounts, unit amounts and application amounts.
  • Determine how amounts are shown on screen by specifying how many decimal places should be presented for an amount. Define decimal places for amounts and unit amounts.

  • Log the interactions that you have with your contacts, such as a telephone call, a meeting or a letter. If an interaction contains a document, you can save it under the relevant contact and keep track of the document in question.
  • Record interactions performed in other application areas, including documents sent to your contacts.

  • Allows you to create a purchase return for incorrect or damaged items.
  • All documents required to support the replacement or return-to-vendor processes can be created.
  • Exact cost reversing allows you to link the purchase entry with the purchase return entry to ensure that the item is removed from inventory at the exact same cost it was purchased.
  • Items can be picked from the purchase return.
  • Return shipments and partial return shipments can be combined in one credit memo.
  • Purchase return can be linked with replacement purchase.

  • Through Self service module provide supplier will personal login.
  • Send enquiry and get quote online through the Self service portal.
  • Place order with supplier through Self service portal or integrate with the Supplier's own software.

Key Benefits of Purchase Management

  • Single window for all purchase related information with the flexibility of drilling across into relevant areas of finance and inventory management.
  • Reduce costs by optimizing your purchasing processes.
  • Improve relationships with your suppliers using trade agreements.
  • Centralized purchasing and trend analysis on crucial item that enables savings on material purchase price.

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