Self Services ERP Software
  • Customer Portal
  • Shopping Cart
  • Payment Gateway

Expand ERP information is always at your fingertips

  • Engage your customers to feed their orders online. Customers can view transactions, print invoice copy, check order status, track deliveries.

  • Display selected products on online product gallery. Define online pricelist. Get consolidated view of online and offline orders for easy planning and logistics. Upload multiple pictures for each product.


  • Ready interface for payment integration with popular payment gateways, go online with your inventory instantly.

Key Benefits of Self Service Module

  • Better control on cash flow & fund flow.
  • Generate complete audit trails.
  • Make reports using historical data
  • Automate procedures to improve workflow.
  • Use a consolidated approach for all cash transactions.
  • Reconcile all bank accounts based on the account statements issued by your bank.

A unified customer-centric offering for the entire customer lifecycle.

Along with all the features of the Enterprise Edition, Zoho CRM Plus also includes email marketing, customer surveys, visitor tracking, social media marketing, project management, and advanced analytics.

"Expand ERP reduces laborious work for maintaining Export documentation It has been very helpful to track, maintain and deliver goods efficiently"

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