WareHouse Management Software
  • Shelf life
  • Cycle Counting
  • Receiving Process

With expand cloud technology access anywhere anytime.

  • Workers can receive the pickups on their mobiles which will route them to the correct location of the product for pick up. Workers can scan the time to verify the correct product and quantity. Multiple pickers can pick single order or single picker can pick multiple orders.

  • Route your works to the right direction!
  • With put away process know the location of all inventories on the warehouse shelves, hence routing the labor to right location for pick up with optimize travel time.

  • Every business perform inventory counting, it is a must to maintain an accurate perpetual inventory levles. Users are able to adjust inventory in real time, to let you know the correct stock.
Explore More Features

  • Gain insights to you shipment process.
  • With Expand ERP receiving process you can track the shipments that have been delivered but have not reached the final location yet. You can verify that each order is properly packed and shipped to right destination.
  • You can receive multiple orders simultaneously. Receiving can be done by scanning the product barcode; which reduces the manual errors. Goods on dock functionality let you move the non-stock items directly to picking location.

WareHouse Management Key Benefits

  • Avoid late invoices and mis-shipments
  • Accurate information system
  • Correctly locate the moved items in the warehouse.
  • You can tell the order status anytime, hence can give right update to your customers
  • Graphical representation of employee to employee performance

A unified customer-centric offering for the entire customer lifecycle.

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"Expand ERP reduces laborious work for maintaining Export documentation It has been very helpful to track, maintain and deliver goods efficiently"

Business depends a lot on the warehouse features of any software. In real time Warehouse system, directs and manage labor, maximize equipment and tracks and controls inventory.

Expand ERP empower you to attain overall business visibility, manage and optimize inventory and synchronize supply chain demands. It increases labor turn over, by guiding them to correct locations for pick-ups and with barcode scanning feature you can minimize errors. It helps in capacity planning and superior space utilization helps business to plan their inventory levels. It improves the capacity by allowing goods to move more quickly. You get accurate information and can act on time and improve your bottom line.

Shelf life

It enables you to track the shelf life of a product, so that you can remove the expired products from you warehouse and can stock the fresh inventory of those products.

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