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Your Online Store fully integrated with ERP and CRM at the backend

Powerful ecommerce platform integrated with ERP and CRM on the same platform and database, giving you the maximum flexibility and ease of management. The inventory, pricelist defined in ERP is seamlessly available on the Store front. Responsive screen for store front allows any device access. Orders go directly into ERP and automatically invoiced.

Everything your business needs to sell online

and align with your existing offline sales.

Integrated POS

Create your product gallery, define schemes and offers and apply online and offline on your Point of Sale without repetition. Manage online purchase and offline returns seamlessly. Configure your online sales and POS with the same payment gateway for ease of accounting. Track and analyse sales from different channels from a single window.

Scheme and Offers

Create any possible combination of schemes and offers with products and prices, volume and value of transaction. Flexible formula based definition that can be applied on product or product group. Same offer definition can be applied on offline with a single click. Quick email campaign engine to notify the contacts based on interest profile.

Payment and Logistics

Ready integration with payment gateways like paytm and payu, and simple interface for other gateways as well. The integrated back ERP provides ready integration with 3rd party logistics. These integration of core ecommerce processes allows higher productivity and easy management of online transaction volumes.

Online store with POS, ERP and CRM

Expand is offering all online ecommerce features with the most advanced workflow to manage shipment, inventory, accounting and more. All modules build on the same central database.


Get dynamic searching options to filter the products list. User friendly for desktop and mobile platform.


All your products will be showcased here with all the important data like price, offers, color, etc.

eCommerce Module of Expand ERP

Why eCommerce is Essential for today's business?

ExpandERP with dynamic ecommerce integration, explore the global marketplace.

Scheme, offer and Discount management allows you to create multiple combinations with products, quantity and value of purchase. You can also combine different services as offering against certain products. The integrated ERP backend computes taxes and other charges automatically. It also computes incentives and claims from Suppliers for achieving targets.

Expand offers end to end integration with 3rd party logistics. Online sales is directly pushed into ERP and user can process all order including offline and from marketplace from a single screen. The .Net interface allows seamless integration with Logistics Company to update order status real-time. All online and offline customers can track order thru the self-service portal, a part of the same ecommerce.

You can make multiple channels to sell. You can sell from the same product, price and inventory offline parallel to your online ecommerce. The same inventory and price can be populated and synced with market place like Amazon and flipkart to boost sales with zero repetition of effort. Integration of POS, Marketplace and eCommerce allows seamless flow of information and ease of working.

The eCommerce engine is configurable to deliver customized product catalogue to end customer. It can have customer specific products and prices. The gallery can be made configurable to allow view only after login. eCommerce engine allows B2B and B2C businesses to transact with multiple payment options and other credit payment features.

The engine captures user clicks and transactions to give meaningful insight into wish list, abandoned cart and other time spent by product. You can target visitors accordingly with various offers and boost sales. There is option to sell and even give gift vouchers under Scheme and offer module. You can allow visitors to redeem gift vouchers and coupons to promote and cross sell.

eCommerce integration with ERP provides complete inventory and finance flow between modules. Wallets, Net banking and all card types can be transacted. SSL enabled screens ensure the highest level of encryption is available during financial transaction. Automatic loyalty points computation and other modes of payment like cash and credit for B2B customers on single system allows ease of working.

Ultimate eCommerce integration platform.

Dont ignore the importance of ERP in the eCommerce space.

Point of sale integrated

The ecommerce module of Expand ERP is fully enabled with Point of Sale features. If you have chain store or boutique showroom and along with it you want the inventory and products to be available online on your branded online Store then Expand ERP is definitely the way forward. It makes the system all the more powerful with Marketplace integration like Amazon and 3rd party logistics for more and more sales with minimum effort.

Point of Sale - Expand ERP

Key Benefits

  • Centralized Customer, Vendor and Partners demographics.
  • Host of reports including Customer/Vendor demographics & ageing analysis.
  • Centralized Customer, Vendor and Partners demographics.
  • Host of reports including Customer/Vendor demographics & ageing analysis.
  • Files section allows you to store MOUs, agreements, minutes of meetings, interactions or any other document of any format type in CRM Software.

"Expand ERP reduces laborious work for maintaining Export documentation It has been very helpful to track, maintain and deliver goods efficiently"

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