eDominer helped us to develop and implement a solution that fit our business needs with 100% accuracy
- S. Thakurta, Director, Fidere Engineers & Services P Ltd.
Manufacturing Features
嘐  CRM
  Production
$  Procurement
  Inventory
  Sales & Order
  Payroll
$  Accounting
  Weigh Bridge
  Mobile Apps
Key Benefits in Expand ERP for Manufacturer
  • Expand ERP Gives detailed production flow management and quick single entry option to capture the input, output, excess consumption, wastage and gain/loss.
  • Allows tracking production progress and easily making changes to increase production efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Gives a clear picture of accurate account quotes on single click.
  • Manage production flow  ⇒ inventory control  ⇒ increase production efficiency  ⇒ low cost = business growth

What makes Expand ERP right for your Manufacturing Business ?


Define Bill of material before production for proper procurement planning and material requirement planning. Get complete visibility of stock availability and change raw material with alternate material for specific batch of production.

Job Card

Generate process for every stage of production as defined with the finished product. Define due dates for every process, outsource the process and manage job work inventory and status. Define worker, machine and down time details for effective tracking and reporting. Get system alerts on.

Accelerating Growth - Manufacturing Houses

Our Experience in Manufacturing Sector over a decade
  • Chemical

    Complete Inventory and documentation.

    Batch Production, Quality Check by Product management.

  • Liquor

    Complete Inventory, Binning, Picking and Packing.

    Crate & Bottles management, TCS Computation, Per bottle excise computation, Mobile based sales force.

  • Battery

    Complete Inventory and documentation.

    Excise trading, Serial based tracking, service request & warranty.

  • Leather

    Quality Leather Bags, Wallets and Accessories.

    Costing, Component measurement, Sampling, Production Stages.

  • Steel

    Produce Quality Steel, and track Inventory.

    Weigh Bridge Integration, Daily Production, Auto e-Mail, Gate pass, Gate Entry

  • Industrial Gas

    Complete Inventory and documentation.

    Cylinder Management, Monthly Holding rent computation, Security Deposit, Cylinder based pricing.

  • Tiles

    Manufacturer of prepolished designer concrete wall, floor and step tiles.

    Multi Unit measurement, Packaging implementation control,Sq.ft., Pcs, & Box Inventory.

  • Cement Concrete

    Pre-stressed mono block concrete sleepers to Indian & Bangladesh Railways

    Excise Computation, Production Stages, Client Specific Invoice templates.

  • Textile

    New Fashion, Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Dresses.

    Outsourcing, Subcontractor inventory & payments, Order Status & Dispatch Schedule.

  • Plastic

    New Products, PVC, Electrical accessories.

    Outsourcing, Subcontractor inventory & payments, Order Status & Dispatch Schedule.

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