5 reasons to implement cloud for inventory management

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5 Reasons to Implement Cloud for Inventory Management

In this dynamic and mobility-adept digital environment, if the words ‘automated inventory management’ seems unfamiliar to your ears, then the future of your business maybe in jeopardy. And surprisingly you are not alone. 43% of businesses either don’t track their inventory at all or use manual processes to do so. And to avoid the hassles of over-complicated, needlessly labor intensive and unreasonable outdated spreadsheets, it’s time that you considered integrating cloud for inventory management operations.

However, if you are worried about cost implications, you shouldn’t worry at all. Cloud-base inventory management system is actually more affordable than most old-school methods. Also, the benefits far outweigh any other concerns that you may have – especially those regarding convenience, security, flexibility, among others.

Here’s a list of top 5 reasons for you to switch to a cloud-based inventory management system for your business.

Data recovery

Imagine the nightmare if you were to lose your sales and transactions reports, customer-centric data, order statuses, or simply your inventory list, just because you risked putting everything in an excel spreadsheet that was conveniently saved on your computer’s desktop. Even if you are using software that saves your data locally, without any guarantee of a cloud back-up, you still face the threat of losing your data. And this predicament can be easily avoided with a cloud-based solution, wherein you assign your service provider with the responsibility of storing and securing your data.

Cost effective

Cloud-based inventory management system is a cost effective solution and is definitely more advantageous over other local based systems, without the involvement of any upfront cost such as hardware. In addition, online inventory management systems have its own IT team, which typically means shorter implementation time, less money and fewer headaches.

Flexibility of access

When professional responsibilities are required to be fulfilled while on the go, most business owners find it difficult to handle a singular, on-site inventory system with no online access. And this is why, a cloud-based inventory management system helps to take the shackles off that delimits the ease of doing business from anywhere around the world.

Another advantage of possessing access to warehouse inventory from the off-site is employee accountability. A warehouse, typically, falls prey to a myriad of employee theft scandals which could cause huge losses to any business. A cloud-based inventory management system helps to monitor transaction and quality control reports from anywhere on the planet. It is an asset, you should consider.

Automatic updation of software

Manual software updation could lead to waste of time and money in the form of delayed sales and/or wasted payroll. All cloud-based software are integrated with the feature of automation, thereby automatically fixing bugs, updating systems with the latest features or patching any problem automatically.


Cloud-based inventory management can be tailored as per your needs. Not only are your software updates automated, but a number of cloud-based warehouse management software could also consider your requests for features that are tailor-made for your business. And there are a myriad of options available in the market, today; some may also be willing to go the extra mile for ensuring a 100% efficiency of your warehouse management.

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a corporate honcho, chances are that you didn’t get here without embracing digitization. Why not choose the same for your warehouse management, as well? A cloud-based inventory management system is easy to implement, secure, scalable, and cost effective. It provides you with a hassle free process management; by freeing up your time provides you with better opportunities to shift your focus to areas which probably need more attention. Well, the era for using traditional options is over; if you want to operate hassle-free, it’s time to switch to a customized cloud-based inventory management system.

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