Automating Export documentation can save significant time

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Automating Export documentation can save significant time

Every export taking place in the company goes through defined steps of documentation like invoice, packing list, bill of exchange, shipping bill etc.

Instead of performing repeatedly the same tasks, it should be a simple set of few button clicks automating Export documentation to complete. Here we have taken the example of export documentation but in business no matter how simple or complex a task, if it is repetitive then it may be automated to save time and eliminate possibility of error. For example every invoice generated should be emailed to customer; every dispatch should be emailed to customer and a group of seniors. These are examples of simple tasks but there are numerous possibilities of errors. Even if it is done without error it is highly possible that every email is in a different format.Such automation involves time and money but once done properly, it has huge advantage like Performance and Efficiency (Task reduced from hours to minutes), Consistency and error free (Same standard professional output and no errors no corrections), Easy for anyone to learn and get going.

– Exporters have reduced rework due to errors by 75%. Man hours spent for documentation has reduced by 60% and output is now more professional and reliable with EXPAND smERP for exporters.

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