3 Reasons why Exporters Need ERP Software

3 Reasons why exporters need erp software


The world is fast changing.

Life is on a fast forward mode. Everything is moving towards digitalization. So are our businesses. Business automation has become dire necessity for any organization that wants to be future ready.  Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is the latest trend in business automation. For those who are wondering what I am talking about, ERP is the technical term used for consolidation of various business processes into one single centralized software to make business more cost effective and less time consuming. The central feature of all ERP systems is a shared database that supports multiple functions that is used by different business units. The ERP is a Business Operating System that tracks all your business activities and resources in one place. This makes data more accessible and easier to communicate with the outside world. In other words, it gives 360 degrees view of all your business in real time where every unit works with the same data, increasing productivity and reducing errors.
With the arrival of Cloud technology, ERP software is taken to the next level where business can be processed anytime from anywhere. Expand ERP is a pioneer in cloud-based Business Application on Microsoft Azure, designed and developed for fast growing exporters. Over the past 15 years, we have empowered many established export houses with real-time visibility and complete control over their businesses. Expand is a comprehensible, scalable, customizable cloud ERP solution that supports your business all along as it grows.


Export powerhouses rely on effective export control processes throughout their supply chain. The legal ramifications of violating export control laws can be a huge threat to the export house. Punishments range from monetary fines to the loss of customs advantages. Freight Forwarder, customs broker, sea vessels crew, warehouse manager all these can be simply managed by single Export business software, which makes your imports and exports easy. To supply the highly competitive order shipments exceeds in terms of volumes of sales and profits you need an ERP.

3 Essential reasons why Exporters need ERP are:

    1. Accuracy in Accounts and Financial reporting:

The most crucial factor in determining success in business is keeping track of statistics and figures. As the company grows the complexity of transactions become even more critical and manual data entry significantly lessens the productivity. An integrated ERP application can easily keep track of your incoming and outgoing transactions making financial reporting more accurate and impactful

    1. Enhances Speed and agility:

Time is directly proportional to money. More time you spend in delivering your product, the more money you waste. The ability to respond faster to customer needs and deliver service promptly acts as a huge catalyst towards gaining market preference. In order to deliver promptly to customer needs, your executives need optimum access to all data and complete visibility of business processes. With Expand smERP your speed of response is enhanced and agility is increased resulting in better productivity.

    1. Shipment detailing:

Spending hours unnecessarily validating reports and verifying data from various platforms is an obsolete method of processing business. An ERP scheduling application is crucial for maximizing time spent working and properly utilizing resources. This will let you track the order details at anytime from anywhere.

Every export company should own 2 things:

      1. An Export Compliance Program
      2. Export documentation software that standardizes the export paperwork throughout your company

Instead of different locations or departments within a single location generating their own homemade documents for their shipments, are two things that ensure you have one standardized set of documents that meet current export requirements. In addition you have a single place where export paperwork is stored and where you have proof of your export compliance efforts in case you ever get audited by the Office of Export Enforcement or some other agency that has jurisdiction over exports.

If you are looking for the best in class ERP software for your ERP business, look no further. Expand smERP is fully equipped to deliver the best solution for your complex business processes.

How are we Different?

100% Cloud-Based ERP Solution

With automatic regular backups on Cloud and masking feature your data is secured with us for a lifetime.

Deep Understanding of your business

A ready to fit solution with deep industry knowledge which can be further customized as per your business needs.


Warehousing, Sales force, HR, GPS tracking, we provide solutions for every possible process of your business. Expand smERP Mobile App enables you to now manage your entire business on the move.

Personalise Consultation

Expand smERP is the preferred business automation solution provider for 15 years to various industries. We provide personalised attention and automation that is best fit for your export business.Expand smERP is specially designed for Export houses and comes with a host of benefits.

With Expand ERP, exporters can also avail advantages such as :

  • Post shipment Tracking including bills of lading and shipping bill.
  • Export Incentive Tracking.
  • Automotive calculation of foreign exchange fluctuation.
  • Packing credit tracking in foreign currency and INR.
  • Forward booking.
  • Packing list and CBM computation
  • If the business plans to sell in the domestic market  or online they can use the Omni Channel and WMS features to manage end to end on a single system.

Other Expand Advantages:

    1. 15 years of building trust

With over 15 years of R&D and extensive Market Testing we have developed the best in class ERP software for your specific business needs. With our cutting-edge technology, we have been partnering many manufacturers and exporters over past years in their process automation.

    1. Freedom Pricing

Expand Freedom Pricing has been created keeping your needs in mind. Our attractive pricing module gives absolute freedom to the fast-growing manufacturers & exporters to take the decision of digital transition of their organization with ease. Empower your organization with Expand smERP and enjoy real-time visibility & complete control of your business.

    • Subscription based Concept. Price starting from INR 3300/subscriber/month
      Freedom from all fringe costs. Subscription includes update, upgrade, service, remote support (phone support, ticket support, and screen share support), R&D and remote implementation. It also covers cloud service, auto backup of data, data encryption all managed for you.
    • Concurrent user Advantage.
      Freedom of unlimited named user in multiple departments & locations. All users in your organization will have their own login credentials at no extra cost.
    • Freedom from Capex & Infrastructure investment so that you are at minimum risk exposure. Even for customization it is billed only after customer satisfaction.
    • Freedom from any major Upfront Cost
    • Easy Pay- Freedom to choose from Annual (special pricing available) or quarterly subscription fee module on the first year
    • Pay as you use privilege- Freedom to pay as per your usage from the second year onwards
    • Freedom to choose Implementation options(on-line/on-ground) and Customizations as per your specific need and pay accordingly
  1. Expand SureSmile
    For a smooth and seamless digital transition of your organization we have our best in class hassle-free support ready for your help always.

    • Anytime Support-24hrsX12months in house Customer service team
    • Zero Waiting-Online support request booking through Ticket System- users can directly put support request online and it is assigned to respective team
    • Remote Assist-users can share the screen with the support person for any support required
    • Onsite Support-our team will visit the customers site for any support related activity Expand User Training and external Certification
    • Train the Trainer Program- Expand encourages train the trainer program where expand Biztech Experts trains one or more users and they can further train other users, this helps in building in-house expert on ERP at client site)
    • Online Help Document & FAQs for ready usage
  2. Expand SureShieldEnjoy 100% data security and grow your business to the next level with ease and complete peace of mind.
    • Multiple Location Storage-Data is on cloud, stored in multiple locations ensuring maximum safety
    • Stored on trusted technology platform (Microsoft Azure, SQL Server)
    • 99.9% uptime (uptime is the amount of time the service is online available and operational)
    • SSL (encrypted) Data Transmission- Similar technology as Net Banking and thus extremely secure
    • Private Database- each user has the private database and not a shared one as in open source ERP.


Expand smERP is the ultimate solution for the instant evolution of your export house.
Empower your export business today with our time-tested Cloud based ERP software. Please leave a comment below for more information and enquiries.
Book a demo with us, call now to find results.

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