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This article was published on: 24/06/19 7:31 AM

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Key Benefits of Expand ERP for Leather Industry

  • From formulating accurate production plans to enabling safe stock-based planning for critical items, ExpandERP provides optimized sourcing of raw material for leather industry.
  • ExpandERP manages Bill of Material for multiple product variants in leather industry like material selection for design, size and width combination
  • From tracking orders as well as goods that have been rejected to forecasting the estimated shipment plan, ExpandERP manages it all.
    By minimizing waste and maximizing productivity, ExpandERP utilizes the raw material effectively.
  • ExpandERP provides extensive reports that compare the conversion of raw material to finished goods across various sizes and processes, leading to process improvement.
  • It is a multi-platform software which provides online view of your receivables, payables, various order costs etc which gives a 360 degree view of your business.

Software for Leather Industry

Leather is a durable and flexible material created by tanning animal skins. The raw material mostly used is cattle hide. Leather is used to make a variety of articles, including footwear, automobile seats, and book bindings. It is produced in a wide variety of types and styles. It is also decorated by a wide range of techniques. Leather artifacts date back even in 2200 BC.

The leather manufacturing process can be divided into 3 main processes preparatory stages, tanning, and crusting. A further process, finishing, can be added into the leather processing sequence. All leathers do not receive finishing and thus, cannot be counted as a main process.

The customers of today demand the best quality of leather products at a competitive rate. At the same time as government rules become more strict, leather manufacturers have to invest more and more on disposal, storage,etc. What we need is a business solution that can streamline our business.

In this situation an ERP system on cloud can come to our rescue! ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning or Software for Leather Industry is a wizard tool for the leather industry. An ERP system can increase the efficiency of the industry, while it also helping you to manage and balance multiple projects and operations effectively. It is an on cloud software that helps us to streamline our business and helps us to work efficiently.

With industrial management functionalities an ERP system can manage from CRM to SCM and from HCM to HR management. An ERP system is a total solution with lightning speed for the leather industry.

How can an ERP software help our business grow:

ERP can transform unstructured processes into routine transactions such as electronic approval of purchase orders based on predefined company policies.

ERP can replace or reduce the human labour involved in processes, like matching of supplier invoices based on accepted purchase receipts.

ERP can transfer information rapidly and with ease over large distances. It is now possible for various offices and factories of an organization to perform transactions and analysis on the same server, reducing geographical distances.

ERP can help manufacturing companies in carrying out analysis such as: Forecasting of market demand based on statistical models; Capturing of hidden market trends through multi-dimensional analysis; Identification of potential improvement areas.

ERP can bring a vast amount of detailed information into the process.

ERP can enable changes in the sequence of task in the process, often allowing multiple tasks to be performed concurrently.

ERP allows the capture and dissemination of knowledge and expertise to improve the process.

ERP allows detailed tracking of task status, inputs and outputs.

“If we do what we always did, we will get what we always got.”

Henry Ford

Expand ERP Gets The Honor Of Prestigious ERP Software Awards


This article was published on: 13/03/17 6:44 AM

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ExpandERP Gets The Honor Of Prestigious ERP Software Awards

If the recent past is anything to go by Expand ERP is well on its course as one of the best Cloud ERP solutions present in the length and breadth of this vast and diverse nation. Yes, Expand ERP has graced the honors two years in a row in the annual awards.
After setting new benchmarks in the ERP industry, saw that Expand was offering a product beyond the league of its competitors and the financial organization gave credit where it was due and the industry received its Rising Star 2016 Award for the ERP software category with warm accolades. Not one to only bask in the shadow of past glory, the Expand team kept up their momentum and continued to innovate on its ERP offering which ultimately ended with the team bagging the Great User Experience Award 2017 from the same organization.
In Finances Online review of the software, Expand was rated at a formidable number 22 amongst ERP solutions available globally. User satisfaction stood a bountiful 97% and the impressive overall score of 8 as awarded by the organization doing the review saw it surge well ahead.
Expand ERP is all about scalability and large ERP implementation on its flagship platform saw the fortunes of the product scale to greater heights even as 2017 is set to unravel itself. But whatever comes its way Expand ERP team is intent upon improving its product even further till it becomes a league of its own not only in the category of its perceived competitors but in the much larger segment of firms that develop ERP offerings for companies and businesses globally.
The latest recognition comes in the wake of a plethora of honors that the company bagged in the previous year.
Looking to expand the horizons of your business? Then you just must have a look at Expand ERP.