Is your ERP ready for Internet of Things (IoT) ?

Did you know there are more mobile phones than humans on this planet? The ever increasing use of smart devices, they are getting more intelligent with more sophisticated sensing capabilities. 
Internet of Things Expand ERPThe extensive use of sensor embedded devices, The old saying ‘Garbage In Garbage Out’ seems no more relevant. The devices are getting smarter and increasingly the data input is automated with least human intervention. The data thus collected is analysed by enterprise software and ready to influence and guide human decision. Early adopters of Enterprise software are more than ready to get fully automated. Early days examples of integration of PLC, Weigh bridge, boom barriers at manufacturing units as management control has evolved further to offer real time update and statistics on patterns, forecast and better alert humans for preventive action and readiness. Early indications by Internet of Things (IoT) can reduce lead time, save costs and increase efficiency of businesses exponentially. One of the most widely used examples of IoT is GPS devices that are fitted on vehicles for tracking of location, movement, quality of driving and vehicle performance. The device only generates location data every few seconds that is captured on central servers and further analysed to get meaningful information. Most of the businesses today use GPS on their vehicles. Today businesses track the product they sell for its lifetime. Service industry offers more convenient ways to reach customers; on the contrary customers find services. Unless IoT is not integrated with analytics capability and enterprise application the organisation cannot see an impact on its business. To sum up, in days to come business need to ensure readiness on scalable infrastructure and flexible software that can consume and process data from IoT and make business more competitive in the market place.intelligent devices that are generating data and at the same time transmitting data. 

Contributor – Vineet

Advantages of Software as Service

With Cloud infrastructure availability across the globe, software vendors are rapidly coming up with ready to use applications with numerous advantages of software as service. SaaS is expected to grow 3 folds in the next 3 years.

Software as Service

The foremost reason for exponential growth of SaaS is lower total cost of ownership followed by various technology and competitive benefits. Leading global organizations are using SaaS in many different ways like infrastructure outsourcing, analytics, big data, research and development, security, backup etc…
Companies with common objectives are able to come closer and collaborate on common platform resulting is efficiency compared to peers.
Due to the flexibility of Cloud infrastructure and SaaS model companies are able to quickly adapt to changing business needs and challenges.
Cloud + SaaS today is reducing time to market, encourage collaboration and innovation and of course bringing down the cost.
eDominer offers EXPAND business software solution as a service through cloud globally. Customers have seen significant improvement in resource productivity and utilization. Today eDominer is enabling customers of all sizes in Exports and Manufacturing domain to migrate to cloud and become more competitive in response time and customer experience

Contributor – Vineet