Think before you build your own IT infrastructure

Due to the sheer complexity and volume of business, setting up on premise IT infrastructure is the first thing that comes to mind. It is costly. Maintaining IT with in-house or third-party support team is unmanageable.

Regular upgrade, update, patches, security fixes, troubleshooting compatibility issues are important for smooth business operation. Troubleshooting a software issue or printer issue or fixing hardware can sometimes take days due to limited in-house knowledge. Depending on third party can be time consuming due to their response time. For business, IT issues can cost dearly. It can lead to missing order deadlines and business can even lose customers. 
Every business or individual today is online on internet most of the time. We all use hosted applications in some way or the other like emailing, social media, file sharing or shared drives. With the increased penetration of Internet, more and more companies are looking to adopt more flexible, manageable and scalable infrastructure. The primary concern of the business owner is order fulfilment and customer retention. For proper management, Businesses needs undisrupted information flow and complete visibility of business. Moving to Cloud is the first step to empower the employees with world class IT infrastructure and better business continuity.  

Adopting Cloud is only one half of the solution. The other half is upgrading your legacy business application to Advanced Cloud based Enterprise Application. There will be advisors and providers for work arounds / patch for legacy applications but soon you will realise the pitfalls. In the globally competitive marketplace, your employees need robust and flexible application, that can custom fit the business and automate repetitive workload. This is ideal and most desirable solution for business success. This will lead to better efficiency and productivity. We at EXPAND ERP help mid-market with integration and automation to take advantage of latest in technology.

Contributor – Vineet

Software for Exporters who want business simplified

eDominer’s EXPAND smERP is a must-chosen software for Exporters who want to manage documentation, shipment, incentive tracking and more from a single software.

We have system that requires no investments on hardware or software and can be accesses from anywhere anytime through a laptop or tablet.
The simple cloud based subscription gives real time system on a 3G dongle or broadband. We take care
of speed, high availability, scalability and backup.
You might dismiss saying ‘what if there is no internet?’ The entire point is that you concentrate on your
business and let us handle what we are best at. In the era of 3G and 4G the future is cloud and internet is everywhere.

Foreign Trade regulators pushing exporters for new automation requirements, your preparedness is the
key to your business survival and growth. For a customer there is no dearth of choice and the loyalty is
retained through better customer experience. The signs of economic health improving with rising exports,
EXPAND smERP will help you manage demands effectively.

Reach out to eDominer to see how we can provide solution that fits 100% and works best for your

Contributor – Vineet