Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Expand ERP cloud provides you the best in its class ERP software to streamline your procure-to-sale processes. Expand ERP consists of Purchase Management, Sales and Billing Management, Customer Management, Vendor Management, Product Management, Financial Reporting, Account Management, Statutory Compliance and Inventory Management. Purchase Management automates key transactions and provides approval workflows. Sales and Billing Management helps you to eliminate bottlenecks and streamline your enterprise processes from sales quote to fulfillment, and timely invoicing to payment all in one ERP software. Customer Management helps to achieve short order cycle times, fast delivery, custom configurations, timely service, accurate invoices and hence a better Enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Vendor Management enables to efficiently manage supplier and vendor data to gain a competitive edge traditional ERP software. Product Management promotes integration and data exchange among all business users who interact with products. Financial Reporting empowers the finance department to record, organize, maintain and analyze data captured from all functional systems included in ERP. Account Management gives you a financial consolidation and reporting application which enables flexible, accurate and rapid reporting than traditional ERP software. Expand ERP Financials, a module within the ERP ensures that you make your tax submissions to the Indian government within statutory compliance’s.

Expand ERP offers a complete set of Inventory management that helps move inventory to the right place, time and cost all through one ERP solution. Expand ERP gives you an in-depth, real-time view into key supplier, inventory and shop floor performance indicators for better Enterprise resource planning (ERP).

When you add up these advantages, the value of Expand ERP is clear. With Expand ERP solution, employees have access to accurate information that enables them to make better enterprise decisions faster. ERP software also helps to eliminate redundant enterprise processes, lowering the overall business cost.

Because every company is unique, there’s no single indicator that says, “You need ERP now!” However, the companies that would benefit most from ERP software often face problems and frustrations.

Innovation driving efficiencies – ERP

Innovation Driving Efficiencies

Innovation and efficiency must align, top erp software in India go beyond the capacity for businesses to innovate without affecting their productivity. ERP efficiencies are not unknown, in fact the usage has trigger since the inception, thus making it a necessity for better functioning. Erp accelerates innovation making it agile in order to achieve more. Past decade businesses have witnessed exponential growth by adopting ERP software.
Planning the apt ERP software is crucial for business productivity; definitely, the erp software providers in India are hands down with customized options to suit complexities of business processes.

Here we will state best transformative approaches that were possible as ERP drives the innovation:

Integrated independent systems:
If you have noticed before any IT manager have to oversee a number of system across his functioning domain. Now the system should be connected, for a smooth management, else abundant errors are prone to install themselves. ERP enables you to eradicated multiple system functioning and saves the team from creating set-up at multiple systems, this further reduces integration errors and allows you to see through core objectives across the domain. Thus making things more agile, more efficient and eliminates the consolidating errors.
Enhanced business process:
Organizations sticking to their traditional practice is quite a native approach, but when you are preparing to implement ERP you should ideally re-evaluate the business operations and other processes in order to make sure that it functions properly in the newly installed system. In this manner, you can find the loops of improvements and inefficient approaches. Further, this review will bring you closer to discover latest trends and best practices, repair the broken processes and solve the rising risk factors.
Real-time information:
Instant access to data and relevant information helps your company employees to serve better. You can’t react to any sales trends unless you can access the real time sales data, also to confirm you have the right stock building up. The real time data is valuable for marketing and sales team in order to trickle down the purchasing department and definitely it affects every people around. On basis of instant access, the ERP enables the company representative to adjust and adapt the trending scenario.
Collaboration gaps lead to unorganized management affecting overall productivity, with real time data and integration departments can increase their operational efficiencies. Erp role based dashboards enable the users with immediate access to data and information required to facilitate their services. Therefore, projects along with processes are smoothly tracked as the systems are connected and the data recorded can be accessed in real time.
Erp efficiencies are known facts, a proper implementation allows the organization to reduce cost and accelerate the process. Additionally, the integration plays a major role in reducing risk based operation by allowing the user to access analytics based on market trend and forecast. A person doesn’t need to switch between systems in order to access critical data. However, Erp drives innovation by allowing your employees to exceed customers expectation, the project itself enable the organization to improvise their process and achieve goals easily with reduced efforts.
Advanced ERP solutions are prerequisites for managing and optimizing a multi-entity company. In order to leverage the proven and cost-effective practices, one must opt for top erp software in India, as you get advanced multi-entity proficiency to offer and report on information and data on the go. Though this might sound simple it is not, it is definitely challenging for company management to implement the best practice especially when he needs accurate multi-entity information and data on the tap for decision making. 

Power of Mobile App integrated with ERP

Today the most cutting edge trend within the space of ERP integration is Mobile ERP Applications. Most industries now use an ERP, choosing top ERP software in India and implementing the same is definitely a strategic decision for the company management. ERP brought us automation in multiple business operations across the industries, whereas mobile apps got us closer to the virtual world. In combination, these can drive business goal to the next level. Apparently, the introductory phase of enterprise software is nothing but trivial in regards to the critical investment. Mobile apps have already captured market popularity in small to large ERP business sphere.
While integrating a mobile app with ERP your business will not only become agile but also leverage portability through smart devices. You will notice significantly enhanced productivity and it improves the accessibility of the business records.

Reasons to integrate ERP with mobile apps:

=> Improvised business flow:
  The integration leverages the company representatives to improvise their service quality to new and existing customers, by enabling them to access information in real-time.
=> Enhanced productivity: The company representatives who are posted on field compromises their productivity on the go. These representatives can access the data, tools, information that in return enables them to eliminate their downtime.
=> Advanced analysis and prospecting:  Empowering the company representative with information at their finger tips helps them to analyze their prospect and enhance their response time.
=> Simplified process:  In the static business process the capacities to deliver real-time data is always a challenge. Then again, these challenges can be addressed and simplify the process only with mobile app integration with ERP to give the company a competitive advantage.
=> Real-time data capture: As stated before, the productivity of the on-field representative are compromised, with the integration they can easily enter the details accurately on the go. Re-keying of the data in their respective system always are prone to error.
This integration helps in bolstering business relationships remarkably reducing the response time.  Expands cloud ERP software extends roles and functions of ERP to reinstate standardization, accuracy in decision making, transparency and much more added features. However, the companies can leverage benefits of new ERP software or the existing ones with better productivity, strengthened business processes gaining a competitive advantage.
How does the integration of mobile app with ERP give you a competitive advantage?
Estimating the potentials of this integration, prominent ERP contenders have commenced their mobile app development for dashboards and reporting. The integration is all set to leverage the on-field representatives with benefits of reporting on the go as well as gain access to functionality and data.
Check out the benefits of mobile app integration with ERP:
1. Enhanced customer service
2. Enhanced customer engagement
3. Real time sales
4. Real time service information
Past decade we experienced exponential changes in our work approach, be it computers, mobile, smart devices and of course powerful apps. ExpandERP is voted as one of the top ERP software in India, they offer customized solution to address specific business needs. Mobile strategies are now a prominent participant in ERP sphere, mobile devices such as tablets, PDA’s or laptops has made remote working possible. The company representative can utilize the ERP on their smart device in order to gain the edge over business insights and capabilities.