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Business Scenario :-Dileep Industries is a family-owned business headquartered in Jaipur, with 11 factories spread across Jaipur. Dileep produces products such as Ceramics, Wooden, Terracotta, Glass, Marble, Metal –GI Sheet and Wine, Paper Mache, Metal – Wrought Iron and is the largest exporters of handicraft and lifestyle products from India.They have multiple brands such as Chopping Board(Culinary and Lifestyle solution), Anuva (fashion jewellery) and Dileep Hardware (Lifestyle and Décor Products) thru which products are sold and multiple companies where Manufacturing processes are held.

Dileep Group had In-house developed software where Export Sales and its analysis were managed, In-house developed software to manage Incentives and Insurance related activities post Export sales, they were recording financial related entries on financial software, and Purchase and domestic sales related records in Microsoft word and manual preparation of Management reporting is thru Microsoft spreadsheet.

Solution :-To eliminate management of multiple applications and manual reporting, customer decided to adopt Expand ERP, a single solution for the entire Business.The System enabled 24*7 and anytime, anywhere using access to the users as well as owners of the organization. The Software helped the customer to manage accounts and inventory independently channel wise. The system brought various departments of the business such as purchase, sales, inventory, and accounts on a single platform and easy tracking of different brands of Dileep Group at multiple stages.

Benefits of Expand ERP Solution

  1. Customer can now access inventory and ledgers location wise and also it can view consolidate on a single click. Thereal-time reports help in quick decision making and saves lot of time.
  2. Expand smERPalso links E-Commerce Website with the software which enables customers to get real- time view of actual stock availability and also reduction in management of E-commerce Website i.e adding new products etc.
  3. One Click GST Reports for filing the GSTR returns.
  4. Consolidated Report to verify sales and stock at multiple channels.
  5. Single Export Sales Report which can be viewed on basis of different dates. For E.g.:-Invoice Date, LR Date and Bill of Lading Date.
  6. Management of Inventory (Stock) of a particular channel with respect to multiple stores which enables user to actually know which exact stock available at the store on Expand smERP.
  7. Expand smERP sends automatic mails on receipt of Export Incentive, document creation, document modification, and various reminder mails such as product reorder reminder, ECGC cover limit reminder. Also, it sends automatic email on daily task and follow-ups.



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Home > Case Studies Taxonomy > Export Industry


Trishan Exports Private Limited started exporting cycle parts and accessories to countries such as Bangladesh and China from the year 1999.Soon they grew into a powerful export house and increase their range of exported goods to steel, textile, rice, tea and cutlery. They had multiple offices working from Ludhiana, Delhi, Kolkata and Singapore.

They also expanded into the hospitality business in the form of Dee Empresa business hotel located in central Kolkata in the year 2007.


  • Reduce the amount of redundant telephonic and email communication between the two major operating locations of Ludhiana and Kolkata.
  • Get rid of the practice of calling or emailing every time a user at one location completed a document and the user at the other location needed to act upon it.


  • Since any document prepared using Expand becomes easily available to the concerned users immediately after being saved there is no real need to physically communicate the same. This resulted in saving considerable amount of time and increased productivity. The documents could be prepared and released much faster than they could have been previously.
  • The process of approving an order which was being created at Ludhiana could easily be carried out by a director sitting at the Kolkata office almost immediately after the order was recorded in the system. This made life easier for both the initiator and the approver.
  • Expand also facilitated integration with Dee Empresa’s hotel management suite by capturing the financial aspect of the hotel business into the very same database.

Through unique features which let the users import the day to day financial activities of the business with the click of a button allowed the users to extract the exact financial entries which were required to be posted into the books of accounts.