Cheap solutions expensive ends

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Cheap solutions expensive ends


Last week I saw an advertisement for a cosmetics company selling sunscreen for a cheap price. Being caught in the sun in Summers, it was on my list to buy sunscreen soon, so I ended up ordering that brand. After using it a couple of times, my skin had eruptions all over and I had rashes all over not to mention the after effects of a sunburn. I had to immediately rush to a dermatologist for help and learnt a lesson for life of not getting lured by Cheap things ever again as ultimately we end up paying more. Can you relate to such a situation where you actually had to pay an extra price for choosing a cheap option?

My advice to you is avoid making such mistakes while implementing an ERP system for your business.The ultimate fact is that without advanced technology it is impossible to promote growth and scalability of your business. Several businesses and industries are proactively engaging in more advanced processes to improve profitability in their specific industries. The best way is to use an ERP system that arranges vital business information and helps organisations to be well structured and coordinated. This results in 100 % growth. An ERP is a necessary tool for businesses looking to use their resources efficiently. 

ERP can save you Money!

Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of looking out for cheap ERP systems to save some money. They don’t realise that cheap comes at a cost. Are you willing to pay the hidden cost? 

An ERP that is not customised, agile or scalable is easy on the pocket at first. However, it does not fulfil the specific needs of your product and soon you realise that your investment was futile. It compels you to compromise in 360degrees support, unique requirements, real -time reporting and final outcome of reports and analysis. When you do realise the shortcomings of a readymade, of-the-counter ERP system, you have to opt for another, more appropriate ERP system, resulting in double expenses along with the hassles of implementation all over again.

Did you know that 95% of businesses say they have major operational improvements after implementing an ERP?

The improvements include, reducing process times, increasing collaboration and centralising data.

6 Ways a best fit  ERP can save your Time and Money :

  1. Cuts operational costs and improves productivity
  2. Enhances better communication and data exchange with better collaboration
  3. Centralises business functions and decreases process times
  4. Manages inventory and supply chain efficiently
  5. Improves Customer relations
  6. Reduces IT costs and labour burdens.

The right ERP is worth your investment for the long run. When it comes to business process change management, organisations that successfully implement an ERP system, experience overall efficiencies, improved customer service, opportunities for growth and happier employees sometimes outweigh numbers on a spreadsheet.

Selecting the right ERP is an important step in driving your business forward.For example , a trading business where buying and selling of the products occurs, the process involved is less compared to a complex manufacturing industry.Researching and evaluating is only a small part of the process because the implementation also plays a big role in the success of the project. Without the right partner in place, you could face months of unnecessary struggle and hassles. Ultimately resulting in a failed project.

Ways to choose the right partner :

  1. Review stability and past history
  2. Check on the experience and reputation in the market
  3. Consider the implementation plan thoroughly
  4. Ensure they understand your business needs and focuses only on that
  5. Understand that it is the best fit for your business.

Having considered all these factors, it is imperative that your business will reach desired goals with the help of the ERP system. The recent upgrade in technologies could offer you affordable software with cloud and mobile platforms as well.

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