Cloud ERP For Roofing Industry

Roofing industry as the name suggests deals with the production, marketing and installation of roofing appendages. It is a blooming industry, especially in areas where individual houses are preferred over flats and housing complexes. With rapid growth comes rapid influx of problems – Problems which require modern solutions. Like every blooming sector, the roofing industry suffers from managerial and production woes.



A chance to expand your business manifolds

An opportunity to make your roof manufacturing firm an epitome of managerial efficiency

The name of this opportunity is Cloud ERP.  It is an unflawed permutation of years of research put into perfecting industrial management.



Cloud ERP is a Software as a Service (SaaS) program which can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Cloud ERP retains all the benefits of a traditional ERP program. Data is stored in the cloud and not on the company’s server and can be accessed anytime.


To grasp the concept of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in its most empirical way, one needs to think about the processes involved in a business. These may include inventory management, order management, accounting, human resource and customer relationship management (CRM) and much more. At its most basic level, an ERP software integrates all of the above information into one complete system, thus streamlining the operations across an organization. Since every business differs from one another in terms of size, model, operation, division of labour etc, the Manufacturing ERP software for every business is different from the other.

Let us have a look at the various scenarios in which Cloud ERP can help your roofing business.

Roof Industry

I Often Have Problems Accessing Data About My Roof Manufacturing Unit. There Are A Number Of Sub Managers And Often I Don’t Know Whom To Contact. Can Cloud ERP Help Me?

Yes. Cloud ERP can solve this problem. Infact it can do this very conveniently. With Cloud storage, you can access any data any time. This experience is made even more immersive by our mobile app. Getting relevant data about your firm has never been easier. It is as seamless as checking your social media account. Cloud ERP eradicates the need to contact intermediaries by providing you live and accurate information.

Delays And Inaccuracy In Reporting By The Employees Has Been Serving As A Bottleneck To The Growth Of My Firm. Does Cloud ERP Have Provision For Reporting?

We acknowledge that reports are like catalyst to business growth and big industries like those of roofing suffer from inadequate reporting. Cloud ERP can end this problem by integrating sections dedicated to report generation and maintenance. Under this section, reporting tasks can be delegated to certain individuals and automated reminders can be set for their collection. Moreover, since data is available live, the reports can be verified on the go. Such stringent surveillance keeps a check on employees and keeps them disciplined.

Roofing Tiles Are Supplied In Batches. Certain Batches Have A Lot Of Fixtures Which Do Not Meet The High Standard Set By Our Company. But We Learn About Them Only After They Reach The Customer. This Entire Process Leads To The Creation Of Unhappy Consumers. Can Cloud ERP Help In Maintaining The Quality?

Yes, quality maintenance is one of the prime features of Cloud ERP. Since the software allows for real time data feed, quality inspectors can check individual batches and update about their quality to the cloud. This ensures that only products of optimal quality reach the consumers. Analyzing the data can also indicate the units which constantly produce under par goods. Such identification is necessary for the process of rectification.

My Roofing Fixture Manufacturing Firm Suffers From Inefficient Planning. Can Cloud ERP Help In Improving The Planning Procedure In My Company?

Improving the planning curriculum of a company is a sphere where Cloud ERP can potentially help every industry under the sun. The key to efficient planning is data collection. By integrating the provision for data feeding and collection, Cloud ERP serves as a precursor to planning. Any professional with good managerial attributes can draft a competent plan by the manifestation of this data.

Customer Grievance Solving System In Not Centralized And Is Untracked. Customers Are Lost Due To Unsatisfactory After Sales Support. Is There A Way To Improve The Customer Service In Terms Of Complaint Tracking?

Yes. Cloud ERP can be tailored to include consumer service. Provision can be made for the complaint to reach the departments of their concern. This ensures that grievances are handled by personnel who are expert in their respective field. Moreover, the live data access feature allows for the tracking of number of incoming grievances and number of outside grievances. Such complains also help in tracking the department which receives maximum complains. All of these result in customer satisfaction and quality improvement.

I Am Unable To Keep A Track Of My Employees Including Their Attendance, Payroll And Performance. Can Cloud ERP Help In Solving This Human Resource Problem Of My Company?

Yes. Cloud ERP can be programmed for auto payroll generation, attendance and computation of performance. Employ welfare schemes and its implementation can also be integrated into the ERP software. People are the company’s greatest asset and Cloud ERP presents an unflawed approach to their management. The process of Identity Card generation can also be handled by the software. All of the above greatly reduces manual labour which then can be applied to other productive work.

I Am Unable To Keep A Tab Of The Tasks Delegated To Various Individuals In My Company. Maintaining A Manual Record Is Too Cumbersome And I Often Have To Rely On The Employees Themselves To Report Back After Completion Of The Task. How Can Cloud ERP Help Me Solve This Problem?

Task Management is a core feature offered by the Cloud ERP software. It allows for creation of sections for task delegation. There is a centralised system where tasks can be created and their realization be monitored. A vigilance system can also be incorporated into the system which sends in notices for maintenance of the office machinery. This seamless integration ensures that tasks are always completed and there is no procrastination due to underperforming employees.

My Manufacturing Unit Generates Piles Of Paper Owing To Huge Amount Of Paperwork Involved. The Accounting Procedure Numbs The Senses Of Even The Most Competent Professionals, And Being A Layman, Fails To Cope With Any Of These. Not Only Does The Huge Paperwork Make The Balance Sheet Go Awry, It Also Presents An Inflated Waste Management Challenge. Can Cloud ERP Simplify The Accounting Process To Such An Extent That Even Laymen Like Me Can Understand It?

Yes. Cloud ERP is a pro at solving accounting woes. It has a provision for management of financial transactions in one single app. Transactions are broadly classified as credit and debit, the difference of which can easily be calculated to generate the company’s revenue. The layout is so simple and the classification is so empirical that even the most layman person would understand. It not only reduces the paper-waste generation, but also enables the owners get real time updates about the finances of their company. Not only this, there is a feature for the auto-validation of receipts. System generated receipts are auto verified, thus saving a lot of time. Moreover, the software can be configured to send out payment reminders to clients. Invoices and other documents can also be generated automatically just by feeding the required data. Cloud ERP expedites the accounting process in such a way that no other software can.

Keeping A Track Of Sale Order History Becomes Difficult For My Firm. Certain Customers Are Lost Because We Fail To Keep A Tab On Them At Regular Intervals. How Can Cloud ERP Help In Managing Sales?

Cloud ERP can keep a list of all sales and purchase partners. Individual tabs can be created for every kind of product and the fluctuation in prices over time. Such data can be analysed to make calculated presumptions about the best pricing for a product, anticipating the demand in a particular season and auto generation of sale invoices. Cloud ERP can therefore solve all your problems regarding sales.

Many Of My Company’s Employees Are Unaware About The Company’s Direction Owing To Lack Of Communication. My Manufacturing Unit Employs A Lot Of People And Often My Directives Don’t Reach Them. Similarly, I Don’t Get To Hear About Their Grievances. Can Cloud ERP Solve This Problem?

The software can be integrated with a notice board feature. Employees and communication gatekeepers can access this notice board and arrange for the effective dispersal of the information. The same communication module can be used for effective horizontal and vertical communication. This notice board also acts as a bulletin for employee welfare schemes and other notifications.

As you can see, CLOUD ERP is the solution to all managerial difficulties faced by your roof manufacturing firm.  Probably the biggest advantage that cloud ERP offers is real time data feed and access. Data collection and manifestation can lead to exponential business gains. After all, there is a reason why data is considered one of the most valuable commodities in the world.


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