Cloud ERP Security Benefits

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Cloud ERP Security Benefits


Data residing within ERP systems remains some of the most critical and sensitive information in a company. These days, data security has turned out to become an organisation wide concern and is increasingly demanding consideration. Apart from that, business leaders are being summoned to assist in enhancing cyber security, thereby identifying threats.


According to recent studies, people had data security problems and many said that they have data loss and privacy concerns as well. So, it happens to be imperative that they know where this data is located. This is where the cloud ERP security comes in. Below we are going to discuss some of its major benefits.


Reduced Costs

When it comes to cloud ERP, the expenses of managing the security happens to be much lower as the cloud provider manages the responsibility related to security. The cloud provider will possess systems in place when it comes to addressing and detecting security threats. It can help them handle potential threats immediately as per stipulated procedures.


As per customers, their advantage lies in the fact that their security responsibilities happen to be decreased with the security expenses developed into the cloud ERP. It helps in seeing up the IT staff of the customer to concentrate on the additional areas of vulnerability like app-level security as well as user access.


Instant Software Updates

The software as a service model happens to be a famous approach concerning ERP deployment. One of the primary causes why organisations are picking cloud ERP systems highlights avoiding to keep requesting the management for permission for implementing upgrades.


Delays in upgrading your ERP system can make it vulnerable to hackers and additional cloud ERP uncertainties. In this case, instant upgrades are incorporated in the cloud subscription cost, thereby ensuring up-to-date functionality along with an addressal of cloud ERP security problems.


DoS Attacks

Cloud ERP comes with a great advantage while managing denial-of-service attacks. A denial-of-service attack happens when the hackers attempt to restrict users from entering the service by flooding the entire system with superfluous requests for overloading systems and preventing legitimate requests to be fulfilled.


Moreover, cloud ERP systems work on distributed information centers throughout the globe, thereby offering a better defense against Denial of service attacks. Other than that, cloud providers possess dedicated partners to particularly respond to these attacks quickly. While restricted service down time might still happen, disruption in the company operations remains minimal when compared to on premise ERP systems.


Compliance and Encryption

The providers of cloud ERP provide encryption for information at rest and in transit, thereby making your data and systems more secure. The security tools for cloud ERP implement hypertext transfer protocols for internet traffic as well as SDKs concerning encryption at the level of application apart from the default alternative for the encryption of sales information.


Furthermore, the systems of cloud ERP make it simpler to meet the compliance requirements related to security, thereby providing pre-built templates for saving effort and time. This facilitates efficient accountability, hence promoting financial oversight.


Automated backup in different geography

Due to the remote nature of cloud ERP, businesses can work with no downtime. In case of power outages occurring within your region, you still have access to the cloud with the help of your Wi-Fi connection for retrieving and entering data as normal. In case of storms preventing travel within your area and unable to get to the headquarters of the company, each of the authorised personnel can reach out to the cloud from the comfort of their homes with the help of tablets, laptop smartphones and PCs.


Full back-up on mapped google drive

One of the biggest advantages of cloud ERP signifies the superior security it comes with. It offers businesses a full back up on maps Google drive of all kinds and sizes. As far as the retrieval and storage of classified company information is concerned, it is important that operations stay fool proof at all times. With the help of cloud ERP, you do not need to bother about data getting hacked by third parties as the system can track each activity and encrypt your data.


System access is restricted by IP address

With the ever-changing information technology field, cloud ERP is one of the attractive concepts that make life simpler. Here, system access happens to be restricted by IP address and it has entirely changed the landscape of Information Technology.


Winding Up

With all the above-mentioned benefits, cloud ERP provides system access for users, however it can be restricted to a particular computer. Apart from that, there is a private database for every customer and SSL is utilised for encrypted data transmission.


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