Report Customization

Expand smERP’s reports module is geared with all major reporting needs. All customized requirements relevant to your business could easily be incorporated in the system

Workflow Customization

Our flexibility is our strength. Expand smERP is capable of modifying the process workflows to be parallel with your business. We accommodate to your way of doing business and provide your business the impetus to grow.

Security Customization

Expand smERP lets you choose How, What and How Much any user should access in the system. We can configure the security based on your needs so only relevant data is accessible by the relevant user.

Field level Customization

Never miss out on that important information, Expand smERP has enough provision to capture all your important data. Add or remove the fields on screen to suit your requirements, even the field nomenclature could be modified as per your need.

Customized Notifications and Emails

Expand smERP is capable of triggering customized notifications and shooting out auto generated emails for our users. Users have the option to customize and choose the trigger points for these notifications


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