Enhance your Sales with India’s Best fit cloud ERP Software – Expand Sales Mobile App for efficient lead management.

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Enhance your Sales with India’s Best fit cloud ERP Software – Expand Sales Mobile App for efficient lead management.

“Courage is the power to let go off the familiar.”Raymond Lindquist


It is inevitable that the control button of our lives depends on the apps downloaded on our smartphones.Our mobile smart phone is omnipotent. It is used as a supplement to all daily activities. It is our bank, our notebook, our camera, our photo gallery, our reminder, our medium to reach out to our friends on social media and several others to name. In fact now, it is even replacing schools ,offices and religious places. Life without our phones is unimaginable today.


The good news is, India’s best fit ERP software is available on your mobile phone now.A legacy system fails to offer you the accessibility, the reach or even the collaboration that a mobile-enabled ERP provides. It is a solution that is created uniquely for mobile accessibility in terms of data dissection.


Today, organisations are primarily populated with millennials who rather than adhering to procedures dictated by enterprise systems, prefer defining how those processes should be implemented and accessed. The demand for greater agility as well as opportunities for competitive advantage have never been more. By using Expand ERP mobile apps your organisation can efficiently equip the new-age, tech-savvy employees with a rich source of information that they can access at their convenience, leading to enhanced productivity and organisational profitability.

An ERP software in your pocket is not just an innovation but an absolute necessity. Manufacturing businesses today require an intelligent and responsive mobile-enabled ERP solution to respond and resolve any issue to sustain competition and be easily reachable. This would further aid your entire supply chain to adapt instantly to sidestep any obstacles or adapt to potential requirements. 

Expand ERP has a systemised  Leads Management feature integrated  to take over  conventional sales systems for  various B2B transactions. The software was initially designed to simplify sales activities in a business and help accelerate the conversion of leads to potential opportunities. It is used for various sales activities in a business.

  • Plan, measure and manage your sales pipeline
  • Identify the most potential leads
  • Track marketing campaigns across all channels
  • Schedule follow-ups, tasks and appointments
  • Assign your leads to the right salesperson


In this digital era, solely relying on conventional manual sales efforts is not enough to achieve desired goals. Lack of real-time information, delays in taking action, and improper decision making can cause your B2B company to lose many good opportunities to make it to the top. Why give that chance to your competitor? Invest in the best fit ERP software to automate your business processes and manage your business completely online.

It  is imperative to manage leads and sales of your business diligently for ultimate growth and ROI. Without customers there is no business and without business an organisation is dead, no matter how organised or good the product is. Taking control of your sales process, reaching out to leads at the right time and converting them into actual opportunities by staying focused on your best deals will ensure an edge above in the competitive market. To add to your efficiency an intuitive Sales and Lead management software like Expand ERP software helps you sell smarter. To further ease your work, our innovative mobile App Expand Sales can track your potential leads and turn them into customers remotely. All Expand ERP users have access to this App.You can also be among the fortunate ones.


Building leads and bringing business is quintessential for success and growth. Managing leads on-time with specific customer attention adds power to attract more customers. Expand Sales is an Android application available on Playstore for Expand ERP licensed users only for carrying out business activities and transactions remotely online.There are various features that are integrated in this app.

  1. It can attract leads  with product and item specifications and also follow up with specific details.
  2. 2. Important reports like pending Quotes, pending Orders, Receivables, Payables, Inventory position etc. Business specific MIS can be accessed with this application. Status followup like dues for current date, next day, with-in 7 days and overdue followup data is accessible available in Lead dashboard
  3. The app has capacity to work online and offline on both platforms. The Sales employee can feed information without internet connectivity and  can sync the data when the internet is available.
  4. Users can check MIS reports remotely and use it for various official purposes.
  5. KPI dashboard data is available on a single system for instant access on the go.This enables quick analysis and decision making for the stakeholders and also team performance. 
  6. An on site visit log (Check-in and check-out) – can be registered with GPS location and time.
  7. Menu Option rights can be configured from ERP according to the user role for example the task manager will get user specific tasks or to-do list. 


Just by connecting through any smartphone/ device you can manage your business completely online remotely. It is like carrying your office with you wherever you go. In this competitive world customers have a lot of options available in the market for any  product. The competition is skyscaping and there is nothing unique that one can produce .However, only with value added customer service one can build up leads into customers.If a lead is properly nurtured and managed by the salesperson then there are higher chances of converting a lead into an opportunity and opportunity into the sales order. This is why it is essential for organizations to start implementing CRM or Lead management softwares that helps the sales team and Managers to understand the prospective pipeline of the customers.

Expand ERP is India’s best fit Cloud ERP software provider for mid sized manufacturers in retail and export industries.

Successful ERP software implementation depends not only on the users, but also on the vendors who develop it. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable ERP partner. Take the Expand Business Fitment Test and know how Expand ERP fits into your unique business needs.


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