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ERP software for Electronics Industry

Electronics manufacturers are perpetually battling with the goals of competitive product life cycles, enterprise-wide visibility, traceability, warranty tracking, supply-chain management and constantly evolving regulatory and statutory compliance. Electronics manufacturers also struggle to meet the abundant demands for inventing innovative products whilst enhancing efficiency and maintaining a standardised superior quality. With our cutting-edge and advanced ERP software for the Electronic industry these businesses can be operated and meet all the potential challenges in a much efficient and faster way.

Our top features to counter such challenges include:

  • Automation – automates material billing, vendor list, orders and other core manufacturing processes to help curb errors in production and inefficiencies in data handling.
  • Manages intricate supply chain – by providing   real-time communication through a unified ERP solution and boosts visibility, operational excellence and productivity.
  • Improves traceability – automatically tracks product codes and availability against the raised orders. 
  • Improves visibility – allows  intuitive tracking of materials, costs, production processes, supply chain, machines, etc. 
  • Promotes lean management – helps businesses achieve a seamless flow of data that is accurate and demand-centric.
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