ERP Software for leather-industry

Cloud ERP for Leather Industry with
complete GST Accounting and Export Documentation

Manage your sampling, costing and send photo offers with barcode, QR code to create a professional impact on buyers.

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Increase your product and design management efficiency by 20%

Business owners face daily operational challenges. Mostly hire additional resources as checkpoints to overcome those challenges but not much is achieved. In any business to manage it efficiently you need well integrated and powerful software tools like ERP. The software gives complete visibility to business owner and brings accountability in the workflow. The large number of product designs, mapping buyers and designers with the product, sending quickly photo offers during exhibition can increase efficiency of your people manifold. Container planning and managing subcontractors and purchase orders on a single integrated system can eliminate errors, save huge time in documentation and give one click status to stakeholders. Business owners can focus on growth and development instead of monitoring processes.

Benefits of Cloud ERP Software

Expand ERP KPI
Create one click photo offer during exhibition
Comprehensive sampling system
Complete visibility
User Friendly

Whenever it comes to adapting a new software for your business, choosing something user friendly is one factor that should be of utmost importance. Cloud ERP solutions are extremely user friendly which will help you achieve more with comparatively less effort. Cloud ERP provides smart automations which can be configured easily hence adding to the much needed workflow in your business. This also reduces efforts by avoiding the repetition in data entry and spreadsheets.


The most important feature of any software system should be its reliability and cloud ERP solutions scores maximum in reliability. Thanks to the cloud server infrastructure, data management and disaster recovery support is an added advantage. Everything, including software, infrastructure and others are all bundled into a single subscription and users with valid credentials & authority can access data from anywhere, anytime.

No Hassle Updates

Most of the cloud ERP software are designed to have self-updates. A cloud ERP solution helps in automatic statutory updates, new features or changes in reporting instantly all at zero cost.


One of the major advantage of Cloud ERP solution is definitely the accessibility. You get to access your data from literally any part of the world. You can upload and access data in real-time via the cloud from any device with the internet connection. This definitely sums up to a great collaboration among various departments and reduces workload as well.

Single Platform

Cloud ERP software is hosted on a single platform and there is a definite benefit of having everything on a single platform. This unifies all your business applications and helps you have a central database.

India’s best Fit ERP solution for Leather Industry

The leathers have evolved over the centuries, acquiring its present form which is aesthetically pleasing and culturally valuable. The folklores, the dialects, and the tribal lifestyles have inspired the prints. These leathers have, thus, shaped the value systems and the vision of the society. People from international countries come to India to Buy Indian leather and decorate their houses with it. Many foreigners buy items from leather Wholesaler In India and sell them in their place. Manufacturers and Exporters of Indian leather are seeing a bright future of their work in the coming future too. With the help of the internet the life of manufacturers becomes easy and also it is beneficial for customers. Now, they don’t have to visit India, especially to buy such items. They can explore the Marble God Goddess Manufacturer In India on their websites and order whatever they want. The respective company will deliver them in front of their door. A best fit ERP software for leather industry can easily manage this process and ease the work of the manufacturer and exporter of leathers.

Challenges faced and solved by ERP of a leather industry: 


  1. Sales – Maintains database and sales list digitally
  2. Purchase – deals with purchase quotation and shipment tracking
  3. Shift Management – Manages HR shifts and payroll with ease.
  4. Task Management – Follows up and enlists tasks delegated to employees
  5. Visitors – Segregates visitors digitally to reduce chaos and mismanagement
  6. Inventory Management – Tracking inventory and keeping a report regularly
  7. Accounting – Managing finance and accounts and validation of invoices from one place
  8. Quality Management – looks after the quality of products to maintain a standard
  9. Information Dissipation – provides a notice board for all employees for effective and timely communication
ERP for Handicraft Industry

Image: ellementry

The ERP software can be laden with features to combat specific problems. In addition to all the benefits enlisted, the unique selling proposition of a best-fit cloud ERP software is that all information can be accessed by the user anytime and anywhere.

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Why Choose Expand ERP on Cloud?

Industry Ready

Expand ERP focuses on specific industry needs. Workflow customisation and other compreshensive configuration options available are specific to manufacturing business. Expand can be easily configured for batches, color, size, additional multi dimensions like lenght, width, height, thickness, pcs, bundle etc. can be linked with standard units in a transaction.


All our innovations drive business excellence. Google drive integration for data backup, mobile app for file attachment, mobile app for production, qr code, EAN 13 standard barcodes, digital signature on invoice are some highlights.


Expand ERP is a single integrated software to run the entire business. Expand offers device integrations like weighbridge, EAN 13 barcode scanning and printing, mobile app for WMS and production, camera picture upload. Expand offers ecommerce integrations with amazon, magento, shopify, bluedart, shiprocket, paytm, cashfree and other 3rd party software through API access.


Our intelligent technology simplifies complex processes. Smart features like multi level approvals, notifications, omni-channel inventory allocation, material planning for production are some of the few complex and difficult to track processes that are simplified in Expand ERP

Made in India

With over 15 years of market experience we have an in-depth knowledge of Indian business processes. Localization is an important factor for implementation success. Expand ERP is not only developed in India but the team behind is also of Indian background who understand the work environs better. SME, Family managed businesses have unique processes that need not change with Expand ERP.

Complete Compatibility

With easy configaration and customisation features Expand ERP is completely compatible to your business processes. Expand ERP has exposed API available for programmers to integrate legacy systems or advanced systems. Expand being a lightweight application has zero footprint on client system hence just a web browser is required.

15 Years of Trust

The product has been designed with plugin and component model, so each customer workflow in complied in a component which enables personalised experience and best fit for business. These configuration and features have been build over time and now system has deep and comprehensive logics to support diverse manufacturing processes.

Reliable & Secure

Expand data is deployed on a private database for each client with auto backup and geo backup. The important feature is it offers user to also request backup to its personal google drive. The transactions are done through SSL tunnel that highly encrypted and same as any banking level transaction over the internet.

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