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Vineet Bansal CEO

Founder’s Note:

Season’s Greetings
to all our patrons and well wishers.

I wish the new decade brings in good health and joy to you and your loved ones! The last decade and more has been a nurturing journey for Team Expand. We have successfully partnered with several organisations pan India, in their empowerment and growth. We step into the new year with fresh aspirations and endeavours to reach out to every mid-sized manufacturer with our world class homegrown ERP software solution. 

January 2020, embarks the implementation of electronic invoicing by the Indian taxation Council. The world is changing and so is the time and age to global digitalisation of business processes. I am elated to announce Team Expand is gearing up with the best in class ERP software to make your  business finances automated and simpler. Keeping up with the times makes you updated with the latest in technology. The next Financial Year will see the beginning of a new E-Invoicing era. Stay connected with us for information and updates on this topic and more.


Warm Regards

Vineet Bansal

A stitch in time saves nine!

Keep yourself updated with the new E-Invoicing system in GST.

Times are changing. Advanced digitisation is touching every process of doing business. With the Digital Iiative the government departments are also steadily moving towards complete digitisation.

GST E- Invoice is the recent initiation of the digital bill for goods and services, generated at the Government GST portal. The concept of the GST E-Invoice generation system has been taken into consideration for the reduction in GST evasion. All businesses (within the determined limit of turnover) will be provided with a system through which it will be mandatory for them to generate ‘e-Invoice’ for every sale on the Government GST portal. Every business that is applicable for such an invoice will be allotted a unique number whenever an e-invoice is generated. They can match the identification number with the invoices which are written in the sales return and paid taxes for verification. All relevant information will be transferred from this portal to the GST portal and E-Way bill portal in real-time. There will be no need  for manual data entry while filing ANX-1/GST returns as well as generation of part A of the E-Way bill, as the information is passed directly by the IRP to GST portal. In short, it is a digital bill generated using a standardised(recognised) format,where the electronic data can be shared with others.

The GST council chaired by Union FM Nirmala Sitharam approved the standard of E-invoice in its 37th meeting held on 20th September 2019. However no exact date of implementation has been provided yet. Electronic invoicing is proposed to be implemented from 1st January 2020 in a phased manner by GSTN. GST E-invoicing is mandatory from 1st January 2020 for business with turnover of 100 Crore onwards. For those companies with below 100 crore turnover can start on voluntary and trial basis from 1.4.2020. It will be mandatory for the businesses to generate the entire GST E-Invoice including all the value of sales. Expand ERP will be fully equipped with the software to make this transition easy and hassle free for your business.


Move with the times and adopt Expand ERP software to automate your business process and invoicing. We offer ready-to-fit solutions with deep industry knowledge which can be further customized as per your unique business needs.

Expand ERP is the preferred business automation solution provider for 15 years to various industries. We provide personalised attention and automation that is best fit for your manufacturing business.

Advantage of Expand ERP:


Go Paperfree with Expand ERP!

Expand ERP is environmentally conscious and incorporates “Green Living” with its software by diminishing the usage of paper. With our File Attachment feature, enjoy secured safe-keeping of important documents which can be easily accessible from anywhere at anytime.


 File Attachment feature in Expand can be useful in several ways:

  1. Users are able to upload any file into the cloud from almost all sections in the ERP for reference, safe-keeping and validation. It can be  useful to store important licenses, certificates, policy documents, resume etc. If the user loses the file from the physical storage device it will always be available through Expand Cloud ERP software.
  2. The file attachment feature can be used by managers to verify documents such as supplier invoices uploaded through the feature, before validating and releasing payments to vendors.
  3. It allows backup of history, tracking and verification of claims and reimbursements submitted by field operatives for expenses (such as fooding, lodging, travelling expenses, etc)
  4. It reduces paperwork immensely removing the necessity to physically photocopy documents and couriering them across the country.

 Adopt Expand ERP software solution and join the greener side of the planet.

Patron’s Note:

“Throughout history, ideas need patrons.”

Matt Kibbe


Without our patrons our hard work values nothing. We have been successfully partnering with several enduring patrons over the last 15 years, pan India.

A young entrepreneur testifies:-

“From day one i felt the need of ERP system for my Retail brand. Now that we are expanding to 18 branches all over the country it will simplify my work process and help me organise my business. Expand ERP has helped me and my team round the clock and we have been able to implement ERP software successfully. I strongly recommend Expand ERP if you need to implement ERP system.”

Ayush Baid

Founder, Ellementry

Did you know?


Expand sure shield ensures 99.9% uptime resulting in 24×7 real-time data availability.