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Founder’s Note:

Dear Patron,


Amidst the chaos and paranoia over the past 6 months, it’s time we move on with positivity and welcome the new world with open arms that has changed immensely.The magnitude and speed of collapse in activity that had followed was unlike anything experienced in our lifetimes. However, keeping the socio economic downturn in mind, business surely needs our attention. Going on to the good news is that the economy is regaining and as per experts it will take a big leap in a very short span of time. Taking proactive measures and prepping our business and employees is a challenging but essential task at the moment.

Vineet Bansal

Hence, digitally equipping your business is the need of the hour. Once your daily operational processes are looked into by a best fit ERP solution, your skilled workers are free to focus on larger goals and increase productivity.

According to the Health minister, vaccines are expected early next year, from more than a single source to immune at least 25 crores within the first half of the year. This shows a ray of hope for all of us to survive this tough time. With endurance, we can all unanimously join hands to heal the world and it’s people with positive vibes. In this newsletter, I will be enlisting smart ways to protect your workers who need your support the most.


My sincere warm wishes with you and your family through these tough times.


Vineet Bansal

eDominer Technologies, CEO

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”

– Doug Conant

MSMEs play a key role in national economies around the world, generating employment and value-added services. They contribute to more than half of employment and GDP in our country irrespective of income levels. In addition, SME development contributes to economic diversification and resilience. 


Noting that India has been one of the fastest-growing large economies in recent times, has led to the improvement in reducing poverty and improvements in living standards. It is believed, recent reforms, particularly the implementation of GST, national goods and services tax, should help boost efficiency and productivity and overtime will contribute to help them create jobs in the formal sector. 


But the sudden jolt inflicted by the pandemic has curbed the growth trajectory of Indian SMEs and also the traditional way of doing business. The whole world as it was, abruptly changed to a new normal. For many, working from home was a complete novelty. Being suddenly excluded from the corporate environment presented them with big challenges, both technical and personal. Organizations trying to facilitate this surge of remote working faced their own challenges to equip and train their people in the face of big changes that were sometimes mandated overnight.


Our customers were able to meet these challenges with us at their side, partnering with them to find a way to keep them operating and taking care of their own responsibilities and customers. Digital services are at the core of how we help enable our customers to ensure they have a reactive and resilient business. Big changes happened during the crisis, and much more evolution in the way we work can be expected.


Mindful that there could be future disruption from lockdowns or other restrictions, businesses are keen to continue to improve their collaboration tools. Cloud platforms and networks work hand in hand with collaboration tools and remote working, and most of our existing clients recognize improving cloud and network capabilities as one of their top new priorities.


In Expand ERP, we are proud to be able to have supported the maximum of our clients and made new ones during these extraordinary trying times.


It is said that a crisis brings people together, and we can bear testimony that it surely does with business as well. Most of the SMEs feel that supporting them with digital solutions is a must to overcome the business challenges in a future that is still full of unknowns. During the crisis, many of our customers have gained a stronger appreciation for the resilience of a digitally transformed business in the face of unforeseen obstacles. As a result, many of them are collaborating with us now to accelerate the digital transformation.


Safeguard your employee’s health first


Employers can take certain actions to make the workplace safer in businesses deemed essential during the coronavirus pandemic and in regions where companies are staying open.


 Here are 8 ways to protect employees.


  1. Pay attention to public health officials and follow their guidance as it evolves and changes. Tell employees to stay at least six feet apart and to refrain from shaking hands. Workers should wash their hands often for at least 20 seconds with soap and water and avoid touching their faces. They should cough into tissues or their elbows.
  2. Plan for remote work. Many offices have already moved to telework. 
  3. Practice social distancing –  Groups of any size should consider meeting virtually or by phone, as opposed to in person,
  4. For manufacturers, ensure that employees use a hospital-grade disinfectant when cleaning. They should clean all areas that are frequently used or touched, including restrooms, door handles, tools, time clocks and vending machines.Employees should wear protective gloves when cleaning and perhaps while working, depending on the job.
  5. For retailers that remain open, put in place social distancing measures approved by the applicable state department of health. This may include temporary reductions in staffing, shortened hours of operation and limited in-store services.
  6. Immediately send home employees who have symptoms of COVID-19. Likewise, employees who are well but who have been exposed to an individual with COVID-19 should stay home.
  7. Provide coronavirus-related information, but don’t overload workers with such communications. 


For millions of workers, no income means no food, no security and no future. As the pandemic and the jobs crisis evolve, the need to protect the most vulnerable becomes even more urgent.


The decisions taken today can provide immediate relief, but also secure a lasting economic recovery, increase community resilience and ensure a long-term pathway to sustainable development. We shouldn’t let this chance slip away. A kind gesture shown during a crisis is remembered lifelong by the vulnerable and needy.

How the best fit ERP can enhance business productivity while reducing manual labour?

“Our assets walk out of the door each evening. We have to make sure that they come back the next morning.” – Narayan Murthy

I would give more than half credit to the customers for the success of your business, as without buyers your business is stagnant, However a considerable percentile of the success also depends on your team of manforce especially if you are in the service or hand skilled industry. Without your workers your business means nothing. It is never possible to grow single handedly. It is certainly the result of good leadership and harmonious teamwork that a company reaches its goals.



As an entrepreneur, it is your prime focus to nurture and train a whole crew of skilled, honest, loyal and efficient workers, who in return will bring to you productivity and growth. To drive optimal efficiency and productivity, your workers need to be freed from the burden of daily operational activities. The intelligent use of Technology plays a vital role in the process. A robust, consolidated, conducive ERP software which fits best to the needs of your business uniquely, will act as a catalyst to success and growth.



Features of ERP that help a company improve the productivity of the workers


  • Centralised systems:  In business, if information flow is decentralized, the decision-makers will have no idea of the whole picture at any point of time. With the use of an ERP, the reports and analysis of the company can be viewed with a single unified system.


  • Share a central database:  Advanced ERP systems can work any database, any platform and with any operating system. Some databases are inter-related- for eg. employee data is shared by HR, Finance and administration but in ERP systems each division doesn’t maintain a list of employees but fetches it from the HR Department. Therefore, duplication of data is avoided. The central database enables economizing on database maintenance costs.


  • It is user-friendly:  The system recognizes the importance of the most junior employee and they have a role as end-users. The company also needs the help of functional consultants who understands the various business processes with an organization – such as Finance, HR, Accounting, Inventory and help in the development of modules.


  • Customizable and adaptable:  ERP system can be customized to the requirements of the company irrespective of the operating systems, database systems being used. ERP solutions are not for large organizations alone. It is now available for small and medium businesses too. Moreover, ERP systems can be implemented in a modular fashion which means huge upfront costs need not be incurred by an organization if it has financial constraints.


  • Advantage of the cloud and mobility:  ERP cloud service providers enable full or partial storage of data, software and the platform to run it. This enables companies who have critical data that needs to be secure to be held in their own servers while getting more generic work done in the cloud platform. ERP systems are also deployable on the mobile, so that salesmen, marketing executives can update information in real-time enabling quicker response from the decision-makers in the corporate headquarters. 


  • All stakeholders feel the difference with ERP:  The use of ERP systems not only benefits the employees and the organization but also the consumers.  These days, organisations value customer loyalty and most often they just need to tell their mobile number to get loyalty bonus, get billed quicker at the retail store and stay informed about discounts and offers of the company.


  • Improves efficiency across departments:  As ERP integrates each department into a central database, finance, marketing, manufacturing and inventory control improves. Data comes from sales, finance, and various business units with different sets of numbers, ERP integrates them giving a snapshot for the CEO to assess. 



  • ERP is known to give positive ROI in a year:  The implementation of ERP may take one to three years in a conventional scenario but with Cloud computing  the time frame has come down. According to surveys, companies which were focussed on return on investment (ROI) at the beginning of the ERP implementation could see significant results happening after a year. It could be in the form of cost reductions, quality improvements, customer satisfaction, reduced employee count, redeployment and improved market share.


Thus, by looking into all the daily operational processes, a best fit ERP software manages your company efficiently and accurately making it possible to achieve desired goals. The skilled workers of your team can easily focus on further sensitive and analytic issues regarding the growth of the company.ployment, and improved market share.

1. HP Takes Us One Step Closer to a Virtual Tomorrow


HP Omnicept: Last week HP announced HP Omnicept, which is a solution that begins with a special headset. Omnicept provides the critical elements needed to create a virtual meeting room and lays a foundation for creating a virtual world where many of us could eventually spend much of our time. HP has modified its latest second generation reverb headset, the G2, to add some critical features — starting with the headset.
These same tools could create virtual meeting spaces where users with headsets like the HP Reverb Omnicept could identify users with biometric markers and log them into the virtual meeting room.

2. Apple unveils its new iPhones, the first handsets in the world to be powered by a new type of chip.

The new iPhone will edit 4K video, enhance high-resolution photos and play graphically-intensive video games more smoothly than was possible before while using less battery power.
The “five-nanometre process” involved refers to the fact that the chip’s transistors have been shrunk down – the tiny on-off switches are now only about 25 atoms wide – allowing billions more to be packed in. Effectively it means more brainpower.

Patrons Note :

We are proud to be associated with several successful companies during their upward journey. One of our better known clients said …


eDominer’s Expand ERP – We have been using this solution from past more than one year without any major issues.. The solutions is really good as per our requirements.. Team Expand is really co-operative.. They always respond quickly to any problem and resolve immediately with in 24 hours.. We have good experience using this ERP Solutions.


Vaneet Batish

Vice Preident – IT

Balaji Chem Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Expand ERP implements your software completely online within 28 days.

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