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Dear Readers,


As we all know, the year 2020 will go down in the annals of world history as a year that several nations around the globe would want to erase from their timeline. A year of despair and death, and above all a year of uncertainties.


Uncertainties pertaining to life, and to lifelines including jobs and income. India is living its worst ever economic crisis. The only silver lining is the hope and prayers in people’s minds to stay put and show solidarity for all.


Keeping our spirits high, we need to believe that the show must go on. By maintaining all sorts of precautionary measures and protocols, we need to ensure that our business does not stagnate. A best fit cloud based ERP software will help you and your team manage your business completely online with ease. Tracking all the operations remotely with a centralised view will provide added benefits in running  your business efficiently.


Our mobile-enabled application softwares will enhance operating your business processes from anywhere, anytime. My Team and I are incessantly working towards innovating and upgrading our software so that you can manage your business with easability and efficiency.

My heart goes out to all those who are suffering actively or passively in these trying times. It is a test of patience and endurance. This will surely elapse.

Stay safe and healthy!

Warm regards

Vineet Bansal

CEO, eDominer Technologies

Know how to manage your manufacturing business completely online.

We all are the ‘swimmers’ in the economic recession created by the lockdown, who are striving to survive in the ‘unlock’ days where uncertainty prevails. In spite of the unlock we all know that the pandemic has gone nowhere and staying indoors, maintaining social distancing is still the only survival strategy. The economic slump has hit all the industries terribly,but we need to keep our spirits high and keep faith in the brighter days to come.

In our ultra-competitive digital age, your business’ ultimate growth and longevity depends on strategy and sustainability. If you’re able to adapt as your business scales, you’ll push yourself ahead of the pack and remain there. However, to make these critical growth strategy decisions, you must start by looking at digitising your practical daily operations. Therefore, to ensure your manufacturing business scales up for success, manage your business completely online with our comprehensive and unique cloud software solution.

Expand ERP All Mobile App

Expand ERP software  offers a variety of benefits to organisations wishing to go completely digitised.


  1. Systemise your warehouse from anywhere with WMS integration in your ERP system.
  2. Sell your products smartly and generate potentials into leads with Leads Management integration.
  3. With Expand Sure smile – avail 24 x 7 technical support during and post implementation.
  4. Online implementation is carried out in flat 29 days totally hasslefree.
  5. Remote training of users is completed easily within 50 hours after implementation.
  6. You can manage your vast data and files efficiently with the File attachment module.
  7. Handle all HR related matters completely online with an HR application.
  8. Manage all finance and accounts transactions with our delegated software and bank integrations with ease.
  9. You can sell online with our personal marketplace or third party integrations like Shopify, Magento, Amazon etc
  10. Our customers have been able to do Financial Book closing, backlog update and a deep analysis of historical data. This will help them plan ahead and forecast.
  11. All business organisations can encourage work from home while maintaining social distancing due to the cloud platform which enables anytime anywhere facility. 
  12. The Android mobile apps makes business operations even more easy and accessible on the way. Just by connecting your licensed Expand ERP software with your smartphone you can operate any business transaction or access any data with ease.
  13. Expand ERP also helps in staying connected with the team members with ease. The whatsapp integration facilitates easy messages exchange so that employees are well informed and included of what is happening in the organisation. This is very essential to keep the morale and spirits high of the team during crisis time. 
  14. Online payments are generated  easily with integrations like Googlepay and Paytm, so no lockdown can stop any payments or financial transactions in the organisation.
  15. With our Virtual Distribution Network integrated in the software, manufacturers can easily reach out to the end buyers through their personal marketplace, keeping the distributors in the loop. So distribution of products can be executed online maintaining social distancing.
  16. Since all data and information is stored on the software which is on the internet there is very less use of stationery. This makes it environment friendly and reduces the use of paper. Post covid, our environment will need extra care to heal soon.
  17. Shipping is made easy with Blue Dart and Shiprocket integration. The products can be tracked and delivered to the customers by the shipping company without any hassles.
  18. Businesses can revise credit limits centrally to control credit in the market soon after the lockdown reopens to stay relevant.
  19. The ERP can immediately suggest alternate material for production based on history data on BOM.
  20. Avail mobile friendly android apps integrated with your ERP software for anywhere, anytime use.

Redefine manufacturing business automation with Mobile ERP applications

Our mobile smart phone is omnipotent. It is used as a supplement to all daily activities. It is our bank, our notebook, our camera, our photo gallery, our reminder, our medium to reach out to our friends on social media and several others to name. In fact now, it is even replacing schools ,offices and religious places. Life without our phones is unimaginable today.

The good news is even our best fit ERP software is available on your mobile phone now.A legacy system fails to offer you the accessibility, the reach or even the collaboration that a mobile-enabled ERP provides. It is a solution that is created uniquely for mobile accessibility in terms of data dissection.

Mobile Apps that are available for Expand ERP licensed users are:


  1. Remote HR on your mobile – Register attendance and many more HR activities through Expand HR App.
  2. Systematic Warehouse Management with Expand WMS- Track your Inventory with WMS integrated with Expand ERP Android App available at our Playstore.
  3. Online Lead generation with Expand Sales – A multi-feature ERP application for Expand users managing business on-the-go.
  4. Remote Task Management with Expand Service – Manage your to-do-list and miscellaneous tasks from a single multi feature App.
  5. Document management with Expand File Attachment  – Affix all important documents with Expand File Attachment integrated in Android mobile App

Expand ERP  Mobile app  provides organisations dynamics that the ever changing marketplace demands. It integrates sales, manufacturing, distribution and workforce modules to enable enterprises to support customers, transactions and products to enable better business partner relationships.

The Expand ERP mobile app ensures enhanced customer service, reduced inventory cost, and efficient business transactions across diverse users and demographics. This leads to a rapid and high return on investment for all our customers

Patron’s Note:

We believe,

“A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.”David Greer

Our happy customers are our most precious possessions. We know how important a customer relation is for a long term relation.

“After completing the mammoth task of taking demo of available ERPs in the Market, I found Expand ERP is best suited for Exports of Auto Spare Parts and moreover its interface and functionality is user friendly to speed up tasks.”

Saurabh Juneja

Bajrang Auto Parts

Global Technology News:

1. Jio Glass  – a quick glimpse: Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) during its 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) showcased a new Mixed Reality solution, called Jio Glass. At the event, the company did not reveal the pricing and the availability details about the product. However, they did showcase a demo as to how the Jio Glass will work when it is made available to the public.RIL has stated that the new Jio Glass is designed for teachers and students to enable 3D virtual rooms and conduct holographic classes via the Jio Mixed Reality service in real-time. Apart from this, they can also be used to perform virtual meetings.” 

Jio Glass

Jio Glass is at the cutting edge of technology that provides best-in-class Mixed Reality services to give users a truly meaningful immersive experience,” said Kiran Thomas, President, Reliance Industries Limited during the keynote. To recall, during RIL AGM 2019, Jio showcased a HoloBoard Mixed Reality Headset, which had similar functionalities. The Jio Glass seems to be the follow up to that project. The Jio Glass will weigh 75 grams and will need to be connected to a smartphone with a cable to power it. The company has said that it will come with 25 in-built apps to allow augmented reality video meetings and more.

2. High-tech firms can eliminate uncertainties in agriculture with IoT: A small but increasing number of agrarians are employing technology to take the guesswork out of their profession. Sangarmesh Talikotti, a 40-year-old farmer knows that he has to use a mix of the traditional knowledge acquired over the years and modern methods to minimise the risks he faces every season. So when he heard about deploying the internet of things IoT technology in farming, Talikotti did not hesitate. In March, he spent Rs 38,000 to plant three sensors on his 2.5-acre tomato farm.

The artificial intelligence-driven platform from Bangalore-based agri-tech startup Fasal regularly relays information to Talikotti’s smartphone. He gets updates on when to irrigate the field, when to reap the crops, what is the risk of pest attack and where to use pesticides.Talikotti is so impressed with the system that he now intends to install sensors across his 60-acre farm where he grows papayas, brinjals and drumsticks. He is especially happy that his fate is not entirely based on the variables anymore, all thanks to Fasal.

Did you know?

Shiprocket integrated in expanderp

Expand ERP has now integrated with Shiprocket logistics for your easy shipments. Shiprcoket is India’s No.1 value for money ecommerce shippings solution. With this integration in your ERP software you can book your shipments directly with ease.

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