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Dear Patrons,


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the national, as well as the global economy, to a standstill. With few barely venturing outside, sales of goods have fallen, manufacturing units have stopped producing, and stocks of companies are rapidly falling. Businesses are struggling, and new forms of collaboration are emerging. The pandemic will leave us as a more virtually connected world. Amid this chaos, industries are tackling the challenge in vastly different ways and paces.

However, some research says many Indian businesses have shown high preparedness, made contingency plans for the future and continue to operate as normal despite the significant impact of COVID-19. According to a report, almost half (46 percent) of Indian businesses covered under a survey felt ‘very strongly’ impacted by the pandemic, yet more than half (54 percent) felt they were as well prepared as they possibly could be. The fact that a substantial proportion of Indian businesses are still operating as normal may be attributed either having a management that is sufficiently agile or being strong overall and able to manage with a number of adjustments. Managing the business completely online with a best fit ERP software also is a major reason why some companies have remained unstirred even after the biggest economic slump has hit.

Besides the large scale industries, most of our clients using Expand ERP, had been able to run their business even during the lockdown period resulting in a better status than the organisations who have still not deployed an ERP software. The articles that follow will further highlight the major reasons why implementing a best fit ERP will create a niche for your organisation in the near future and help manage business while maintaining social distancing.

I sincerely wish the best of health for you and your family as we all join in the unanimous prayers for this to pass at the earliest.


Thank you,

Vineet Bansal

CEO, eDominer Technologies.

Technological advantage of Expand ERP for growth-oriented Entrepreneurs

“If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete!”

– Jack Welch

Any business needs to have a Competitive advantage to leverage his business over its competitors. This can be gained by offering clients better and greater value in terms of product or service. In today’s competitive market there is nothing unique. The USP has to be created to generate demand among potential buyers.

For the past two to three decades, the IT industry has been leading the world in terms of globalisation and world-wide communication. Thus it was probably the most geared to continue carrying out business during this pandemic. The service we provide lets enterprises run their own data centers using the cloud, thus most of this firm’s work is done online. With the help of a well crafted  ERP software you can also run your business completely over the web, in spite of any lockdown.

For Expand ERP users there is an assurance of a host of such advantages. Expand ERP is the best fit ERP company in India. Expand ERP has been successfully empowering many growth seeking manufacturers into powerhouses for the past more than 15 glorious years. The number of Expand users pan India is an assurance of our trust and indispensability in business process automation for mid sized manufacturers in the retail industry. Besides being homegrown in India and curated impeccably for the Indian manufacturing businesses, Expand ERP offers an array of technological advantages for our customers.

1. To establish a competitive edge Expand ERP offers its users 5 innovative mobile enabled Apps.


The ability to deliver real-time insights, on-the-spot to service critical client accounts helps organisations gain an advantage over their competitors. For instance, if a client needs an estimate immediately, the salesperson can quickly access the finance module of the mobile ERP system to view other quotes and provide an approximate estimate to the client.This will enable prompt service and response to the potential client.


  1. Expand HR – Register attendance and many more HR activities through Expand HR App.
  2. Expand WMS- Track your Inventory with WMS integrated with Expand ERP Android App available at our Playstore. 
  3. Expand Sales – A multi-feature ERP application for Expand users managing business on-the-go. 
  4. Expand Service – Manage your to-do-list and miscellaneous tasks from a single multi feature App.
  5. Expand File Attachment  – Affix all important files and documents with Expand File Attachment integrated in Android mobile App.


2. Expand ERPs ready to use Third party integrations redefines manufacturing business:


For all ecommerce businesses it is important to overcome challenges and adhere to technologies and tools to ensure hasslefree and quick deliveries.There are several tools available in the market for you to pick what’s best suited for your business operations. Expand ERP software offers an array of ecommerce tools integrated with the best fit ERP for your ease.This increases profitability and productivity and ensures a better future for your ecommerce business.

Expand ERP has partnered with third party integrations like Shopify, Amazon, Magento for online shopping, Blue dart and Shiprocket for hassle free shipment , Paytm for payment gateway etc.


3. Omnichannel Commerce – 

A one-stop solution for all eCommerce needs, our software  provides integration or has partnership across all domains of the eCommerce ecosystem. The solutions are designed to benefit eCommerce businesses by enabling sustainable operations that result in growth, cost efficiency, and an overall increase in productivity.

Expand ERP enabled processes such as multi channel order, inventory and returns management, advanced warehouse management, dropship fulfilment solution, omnichannel selling across online marketplaces, website platforms, offline stores and much more.

Managing productivity of your employees with Expand Task Management feature.

You can now track the productivity of your employees from wherever you are. Entrepreneurs encouraging remote working may find it a task to keep track of the productivity level of the employees. Monitoring employees with the Expand ERP Task Management feature makes work from home much easier.


What Is Task Management?

A task management software is more than just a manager checking off items on a to-do list! It’s an organized system for identifying, monitoring and managing the work you and your team does. Task management involves:

  • Tracking task progress
  • Delegating work to team members
  • Setting deadlines
  • Adjusting work schedules
Expand ERP Service APP

Why do you need Task Management software?

A Task Management software helps you to organise work schedules and delegate jobs to your employees. It also ensures the productivity of your employees.Project tasks, HR Handling all of that with a pen and paper, or even an Excel sheet is time consuming and irrational. There’s no way you can keep track of every task, meet your deadlines and manage your team without a dedicated software tool. 


Task management tools were designed for this . It’s a dedicated space to monitor your task progress, assign tasks and manage schedules. This prevents you from losing track of tasks and subtasks so that you meet your deadlines and also encourage your team to work productively. It Helps Your Team Collaborate Effectively As each task has a dedicated space, it’s easier for your team to consolidate information and work on things together. Also, as every assignee has access to this task space, nobody’s going to be left out of the loop. 

Your team can easily share ideas, files and feedback to collaborate over tasks and get things done quickly.  It also helps you prioritize tasks and produce effectively on time.


Expand ERP is India’s best fit ERP software on cloud that has multi features all integrated into one, including a well crafted Task Management tool. We also provide mobile enabled Apps for Android Expand users Expand Service which can be accessed with a smartphone itself.

Manage your to-do-list and miscellaneous tasks from a single multi feature App.

Expand Service is a Multi feature Service application for ExpandERP licensed users only. It provides ExpandERP users the ability to handle and perform multiple service related tasks efficiently. It can be connected to your ExpandERP software from any smartphone/device to access various salient features like:

  • Task Manager to get user specific tasks/to do lists. A methodical task organiser makes performances easy and increases productivity. Users will be able to proactively take control of their delegated tasks and thereby producing results.
  • Service arm can get a list of tasks or services to perform along with important details of products and customer details . It also enlists challenges and due dates and enables customer feedback and happy codes for services.
  • Checklist – a checklist is created automatically before starting a task. As soon as it’s completed the check list is ticked off as the task is over.This helps to maintain a timeline and does not allow any job or service to be forgotten.
  • Registering current location – with the help of GPS the current location is registered when a user accepts or closes a particular task. Expand Service App enhances productivity and drives optimal growth of employees and your business. Service engineers can check their task status remotely- i.e.  pending, ongoing or completed.


Thus it can be said that EXpand ERP serves all your business needs with one single software. It enables owners to operate the business completely online with ease and hasslefree reducing the workload and allowing extra time to focus on broader goals.

Patron’s Note:


When we get appreciation from our clients we know that there’s something good in what we do . Our prized patrons are our best support.

Abhishek Minda

The experience which we had which Expand ERP was incredible. The persons are highly professional and dedicated to the job and extremely hard working.

– CEO Gautam Industry

Global Technology News

1. Breakout moment of artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturers

AI is now part of everyday life, driven by the emergence of a device ecosystem including Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. In 2020, emotion recognition and computer vision will scale and AI will have a breakout moment in manufacturing. U.S. startups Vicarious, Kindred, and Osaro stand out in using AI technologies for manufacturing. Kindred’s technology is used to automate part of distribution for apparel brands such as GAP. Vicarious is attracting investment from Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk.


2. Evolution of healthcare — predictions at the genome level


Under the theme of prevention, digital health care has seen much innovation. In the U.S., startups 23andMe and Color lead in genome analysis, while Genesis Healthcare stands out in Japan and Genoplan in Korea. These companies use genomic analysis to learn of diseases and provide prevention methods. The evolution of AI will improve the quality of treatment. In 2020, many medical images taken using MRI, CT scans, and X-rays will be diagnosed using AI. Startups Enlitic and Zebra Medical Vision stand out as leaders.

Did you know?

Expand ERP offers 5 innovative mobile apps for android users.

Expand ERP offers 5 innovative mobile apps for android users.

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