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Founder’s Note:

Dear Patrons,


The Yuletide spirit is in the air. The festive season is around the corner, as the world awaits with open arms – a new beginning, a fresh ethos, a New Year. This year has been a roller coaster ride for most with unprecedented events hovering our lives. The feeling of positivity marks the end of uncertainty and the beginning of resurrection.


Team Expand has been successful in sailing through such challenges. We feel pride in declaring that we have been part of the success journey of many of our patrons who continued performing in spite of the pan India economic turmoil. This surely marks our journey to success.

Vineet Bansal

We are happy to announce the launch of our new sub-brand ‘Omnimarc’ for unique ERP solutions for the Omni commerce industry. It is the most powerful and comprehensive Cloud software built for enterprising business owners who want to sell through all the methods like the marketplace, own online shops, retail stores and distributors.

We believe in our mission to provide the best in class technology and ERP solutions to midsized businesses in the manufacturing sector and promise to continue to keep up to the expectations of our prized patrons.


Seasons Greetings!

Vineet Bansal

CEO eDominer Technologies (P) Ltd.

top reason why

Every industry has uniquely specific requirements. The daily operations are starkly different from each other. Therefore the ERP solutions need to be specifically created specifically to each industry.


It is imperative that a ‘one size fits all’ solutions, easily available at a cheap price in the market is more attractive to consumers. However, it is essential to understand how important it is to have an industry-specific best fit ERP software for your unique business to achieve desired goals.


Traditionally, ERP technology was created with basic functionalities and features common to a wide range of industries. During the actual implementation process, IT consultants would conduct a detailed system study to determine the customized solution based on a client’s precise requirements. This was very time consuming and complicated. Implementing a generic ERP was a massive undertaking that most companies had to plan many years in advance, especially with regards to time and budgets.


As technology has evolved, ERP companies now create software that specifically matches exact industries, saving both valuable time and money. ERP software that has been developed specifically for your industry can handle all of your business processes with minimal to no customization resulting in minimising cost, effort and time.


Expand smERP is India’s best fit smart ERP software on the cloud for mid-sized manufacturers in the Export and Retail industry. We have worked closely for industries like the Chemical Industry, Textile Industry, Food and Beverage Industry, Handicraft Industry, Iron and Steel industry, Book publishing industry, Cotton industry and Electronics Industry.

Benefits of having an industry-specific ERP implementation:


  • Minimal implementation time – As the primary features of your  business are already available, you can conduct the implementation process in a minimal amount of time. An industry-specific ERP will also be aware of necessary integrations and API connections to other key software. These ready-made connections will further reduce implementation time.


  • Reduced implementation cost – Customizing a generic solution can consume more time and result in higher implementation fees. You can dramatically reduce these costs with an industry-specific solution.


  • Lower maintenance costs –  Domain expertise in your particular industry can help ERP solutions providers more easily identify any issues, bottlenecks, errors and other problems, and also provide quicker resolutions.


Expand smERP provides the best fit smart ERP software on cloud for Industries like:


1) Chemical Industry – Unique features include

  • Eases  legal bindings 
  • Easily accommodates instructions for operations and technical sheets 
  • Updates audit trails 


2) Textile Industry                

  • Manages product stock in multiple UOM eg. meter to rolls for threads.
  • Tracks production with ready list of entire process/stages
  • Tracks alterations and rejections of materials


3) Handicraft Industry 

  • Maintains inventory with complete information and attributes like materials, seasons, fair details, dimensions, colours, barcodes etc
  • Easy and simple daily production entries 
  • Tracks materials and outputs from contractors to identify outstanding


4) Iron and Steel industry 

  • Transforms unstructured processes into routine transactions 
  • It can replace or reduce the human labour involved in processes.
  •  It can help manufacturing companies in carrying out analysis such as: Forecasting of market demand based on statistical models; Capturing of hidden market trends through multi-dimensional analysis; Identification of potential improvement areas.


5) Book Publishing industry

  • Manages subscriptions – subscriptions is a very important revenue generator for any publishing company. Your ERP will send reminders for renewals and manage a list of old/new subscribers with a smart record-keeping software.
  • Optimum Supply Chain Management – SCM improves with full control over inventory.
  • Reduces manual work of data entry.


6) Cotton Industry 

  • Improves material quality by taking care of compliances, inspection and analysis systems.
  • Efficiency in the production cycle – ERP manages your production cycle including capacity observation, planning raw material obtaining etc.
  • Inventory module improvises material planning and maintains records of previous sales, quality in hand and backorder quantity etc.


7) Electronics Industry 

  •  Automation – automates material billing, vendor list, orders and other core manufacturing processes to help curb errors in production and inefficiencies in data handling.
  • Manages intricate supply chain – by providing   real-time communication through a unified ERP solution and boosts visibility, operational excellence and productivity.
  • Improves traceability – automatically tracks product codes and availability against the raised orders. 


8) Food and Beverage industry

  • It enables business owners to acquire visibility, insight and control over their complete operations. 
  • Optimizes the production process, simplifies procurement as well as inventory management.


Thus we see that each and every industry has its own set of challenges and needs to counter with a Cloud ERP system that fits in best. Expand ERP is India’s best fit ERP software for mid-sized manufacturers in the export and retail sector.

why erp fails

Planning for an ERP implementation in the near future? Are you worried about rising costs? Are you unsure about what is the best fit ERP software for your company? 


If these are the thoughts pondering on your mind right now, this article will bring you the solutions for every query that you have.


An ERP software implementation surely comes with a lot of challenges, even though its benefits are manifold. In the next few years, your business value will reach new heights and touch new shores of expansion, with a successful and best fit ERP software integration. With prior knowledge of the challenges and bottlenecks, you can be better prepared to counter any such obstacles with ease. 



1)Inaccurate Requirement Analysis

ERP implementations in most cases fail because of inaccurate requirement analysis. One needs to know the difference when an ERP application is integrated with an e-commerce site and a POS software. However, in most companies requirement analysis is done by employees with limited knowledge of ERP implementation. Primary emphasis is laid upon the cost and faster execution. But unfortunately, the project fails in most cases as the requirement is not completely understood in the chaos of bargaining with the costs with the vendor. To have more clarity on ERP implementation, case to case differences, actual time and money to be invested, involving people with good knowledge on ERP is a must. Team Expand understands your business well with over 16 years of extensive market research and development in the industry. Our team understands and analyses the specific challenges and needs faced by your business and then curates the software accordingly.


2) Inadequate  Training

Following closely on the lines of the previous challenge discussed, lack of knowledge continues to be a hurdle for a successful ERP implementation. When your company is preparing for a major data transfer from the legacy system to a new ERP reality, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of the changes that are taking place, the new interface, and risks or losses involved in the process. You may arrange for a brief knowledge transfer session for all employees or anybody who would be part of the new system before the actual change takes place. Not an elaborate training program followed by a test, but a simple 45-minute session by the knowledgeable resources, for all to attend. Training videos of the same may also be circulated. Expand smERP offers complete training of users post-implementation within 50 hours by trained technicians and constant support even after implementation.

Expand smERP encourages constant help and support of employees of any business. Post implementation Expand Sure smile provides 24×7 customer support and user training for proper knowledge of the usage of the software.


3) Inefficient Project Management:

You should have the right resources in your team for customer success. We need to understand their worth and utilize their full knowledge and potential for efficient project management. Trust them, mentor them, train them and let them come up with a full-proof project management plan that will not only ensure a successful ERP implementation but also derive desired ROI  for your business. Only with meticulous project management, one can achieve that, no amount of cost-cutting or package deals help.


4) Customization:

ERP software is often misunderstood as a wholesale package solution for a company. But unfortunately, it is not. ERP applications are actually a framework with which a customized solution is built. This means, your requirements have to be defined well in advance and accordingly a customized ERP solution will be created. For that, you need to define the workflows and do a capability analysis, beforehand. You might have to make a few minor adjustments in the application solution to meet all your enterprise needs. These adjustments or modifications differ from suite to suite and might be required at the beginning or sometime in the middle of implementation. If you are prepared for capacity planning, delays in implementation and time loss because of system outage may be kept at bay. It is advisable to invest in a best fit ERP software that suits all the unique needs of your business. A ‘one size fits all’ ERP system is most likely to fail.

Expand smERP is a best fit ERP solution for mid-sized manufacturers in export and retail industries. It is industry-specific and fits in according to your specific business needs. ERP is known to grow along with your business.


5) Rising Operational Expenses:

Overhead cost is one of the biggest challenges of ERP implementation. The initial cost of implementation is high, but the customization and maintenance costs are even higher. The more customization needs are, the higher are operating costs. Maintenance costs are of course a necessary evil, which cannot be brushed aside. However, with an efficient requirement analysis and resource planning, much of this cost may be brought under control. Sit with the best-qualified professionals in the organization to find out what you really need for enhancing your business value. Seek for features that will add value to your product or service, attract more business, and position you better as an entrepreneur. That way, you will get the true value for your best fit ERP solution without spending a huge amount. Expand smERP cloud software involves zero upfront costs. Only a concurrent user price is payable as per your usage. Investing in Expand ERP cloud software is a value for money solution that derives fast ROI.


These are certain generic challenges while implementing an ERP software. Depending on the sector in which the company operates in, the extent of complications may vary. This will ensure the implementation process is smooth without any glitches. Team Expand assures you a hassle-free cloud ERP software integration experience with the utmost ease. Grow your business with Expand smERP cloud softwares.

global tech

1)Clickwrap Technology Brings Speed, Efficiency to Digital Transactions


With the holidays approaching and the pandemic surging, clickwrap transaction platforms (CTPs) are emerging as a valuable tool to help businesses navigate the increased volume of online transactions.

CTPs help companies secure transactions that are or have moved, online. These business transactions are purpose-built for high volumes of agreements. Clickwrap transactions replace electronic signatures and provide an archived digital record of online interaction.

Instead of signing, the user clicks to check a box, or clicks on a button with a label such as ‘I Agree’ or ‘Accept’. That action authorizes the included consent language.


2)The rise of mobile shopping apps or m-commerce apps.


Mobile shopping apps have in the midst of the pandemic become central to online retail operations, and they’re clearly here to stay. In fact, by 2021 mobile e-commerce, or m-commerce, sales are expected to account for 54 per cent of all retail e-commerce sales.

M-commerce specialists find out what’s behind the rapid growth of consumers shopping on mobile devices, what mobile shoppers require from shopping apps, and how retailers can provide a better experience for their customers who use mobile devices. Much like a physical store where consumers can experience a shopping environment that’s created for physical discovery, shopping apps can have the same experiential effect, with the added value of convenience to experience it anytime and anywhere.

did you know

Expand Omnimarc is the best in class multi-channel sales software for order processing, warehousing and integrated online POS.

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