Fogla Industries

This article was published on: 1/02/19 10:12 AM

Fogla Industries

Fogla Group headquartered at Kolkata is comprised of two major division which are the Plastics division and the Chemical division. Each of these divisions have multiple manufacturing units and operating offices all across the country. They have a diverse array of products including surfactants, acids, packaging, detergents, fertilizers.


  • Consolidation of all activities and all locations under a single system to obtain seamless real time reporting.
  • Reduce the amount of paperwork and spreadsheet prepared for the sole purpose of export documentation.
  • Abolishment of the practice of physically couriering documents across the country so that they could be approved and entered by the Finance team and then payments could be released.
  • Scheduled auto emailing of management reports to key persons including directors


  • Through Expand by using a unified cloud-based solution which could cater to all kinds of documentation needs they completely stopped creating the export documentation through spreadsheets. The user could create, manage and share any document with much ease.
  • With the practice of linking the post shipment activities with the export documentation ensured that any information about the entire export could be retrieved on demand.
  • Expand also allowed tracking of Forward Contract and Packing Credit. Soon the management with the help of exhaustive reports was able to take quick and accurate decisions on availing funds for export.
  • With Expand, the document and voucher approval process became seamless allowing the concerned users to approve the documents as soon as they were prepared.
  • The file attachment feature which let the users scan and attach files with any transaction meant that there was no need to physically send a copy half way across the country. The attached files could be retrieved by the concerned users from anywhere.
  • By scheduling auto emailing through Expand on reports such as Receivable Ageing and Fund Movement it was made sure that the management never missed out on a crucial activity which occurred in the organization


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