Is it the right idea to have existing Accounting software integrate with advanced ERP solutions

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Is it the right idea to have existing Accounting software integrate with advanced ERP solutions


The proverb , the more the merrier  might not prove to be true for goal oriented business men, when it comes to picking the best business management solution for a company. However, for some, this could be just as valid as the battle of ERP vs CRM, HRM & Accounting softwares for picking them as a single solution or not always plays a dilemma on the minds of entrepreneurs. This is a confusion that if not addressed correctly might affect the overall business process in the long run.

Initially, you might have felt that your company wouldn’t require the service of a complete ERP solution and thus  you decided to get just CRM, HRM or Accounting as a separate solution. However, after a few months, you started to realize that it is becoming cumbersome to maintain separate solutions for each department of CR, HR & Finance. It is at this juncture that you will feel the need for a fully integrated  Enterprise Resource Planning that can maintain and communicate data inter department.

What happens when you have separate softwares to serve various departments?

For example;

Accounting softwares 

It works as a basic financial accounting system for a company that provides accounting-related information mostly helpful for the future strategy-making for the business. The accounting solution enables tracking of financial data centrally within the international system of multiple languages, organizations, currencies, charts of accounts.The solution also helps in generating general ledger, account payables & receivables of the company transaction. Also when it comes to managing the fixed asset of the enterprise the solution plays a role in maintaining acquisition, depreciation, etc.In many solutions, the functionality also includes a financial process of legal merging of assets, financial status and earning of an association that acts as if it was for a single project. Moreover, it facilitates the opportunity to strategize the commercial parameters of the enterprise. It triggers an early alert in case the influencing factor becomes hard to identify when they become cynical and complicated to analyze.Some popular Accounting softwares are Tally,Zoho,Quickbooks etc

However, can these softwares manage your warehouse or productions or even strategy planning? The answer is No! 

Which One Is Ideal for Your Business?

Both ERP and the single solutions of CRM, HRM & Accounting has its own purpose to serve in business. But it is also essential to understand when and why you should pick one of these solutions for your company. Otherwise, you might just regret your decision in the future.

Choose complete ERP software as a standalone solution when

  • You feel the need for an all-in-one solution to manage the medium to large enterprise with integrated CRM, HRM or Accounting in the same platform
  • You want to reduce the cost of overall business process & optimize revenue
  • Access to CR, HR & Accounting related information at one place is necessary
  • You want a solution that centralizes both front- & back-office business processes
  • A company need to consolidate the given information collected from the different functional human resource, customer management, financial department of the enterprise from its framework of integrated CRM, HRM, and Accounting

Choose CRM, HRM or Accounting as a standalone solution when

  • You feel the need to use any single solution separately at a time to manage the small to medium-sized business with the company
  • You want to enhance your sales, employee satisfaction, account management process individually
  • A company wants its related information to be accessed using each individual solution of the separate module
  • You are required to utilize the solution to conduct front office activities
  • The company needs a collection of data from any single functional module of HR, CR or Accounting at a time.

One Perfect Solution for All Your Business Needs

It is obviously clear by now about the perks of using complete ERP against a single CRM, HRM or Accounting solution. India’s best fit ERP solution Expand smERP  satisfies all your business requirements for the past 17 years in the most prolific way possible enabling you to activate CRM, HRM or Accounting module totally separately. Adopt Expand ERP for 360 degree business management solution which makes success in business easier to achieve.


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