K.D Liquor & Fertilizers

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K.D Liquor & Fertilizers

KD Liquor and Fertilizers Private Limited manufacture and distribute some of the leading brands of country spirit in the Eastern Region within India. With a large volume of the bottling process taking place daily and with an ever increasing number of customers, relying on just the accounting software was never going to be a realistic option for them.


KD Liquor spent a significant amount of their hard earned money just to replace the packaging assets which went missing during distribution. It was often found that the customers who were taking the crates and cartons while they were bought the products were not very keen on returning the same.  Most of them claimed that they had already returned the product or even sometimes outright denied having taken any extra crates or cartons.  This resulted in unnecessary spending just to ensure that the finished goods which were going to be distributed had enough crates or boxes to carry them.


  • EXPAND enabled them to record each and every packaging which was being issued to the customer through the invoicing process itself. While the invoicing was done the system identified the exact no. of crates/cartons which were required for packaging and printed the same. This removed any chances of deniability from the customer.
  • Additional validations were put in place such as fixing a maximum number of packaging assets which could be present with the customers.
  • Alerts raised at the time of invoicing allowed users to have dialogues with the customers regarding excess packaging assets present with them.
  • Also they began incentivizing the returns in the form of rebates on invoices if the goods were returned within reasonable time. This rebate was auto-calculated through the system omitting any chances of manual errors
  • Customized reports of Return Packaging and Customer Crates Summary further helped their cause to have real time position of the packaging assets owned by them.

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