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Sell Smarter with India’s best fit Leads Management module:

It is imperative to manage leads and sales of your business diligently for ultimate growth and ROI. Without customers there is no business and without business an organisation is dead, no matter how organised or good the product is. Taking control of your sales process, reaching out to leads at the right time and converting them into actual opportunities by staying focused on your best deals will ensure an edge above in the competitive market. To add to your efficiency an intuitive Sales and Lead management software like Expand smERP software helps you sell smarter.

Expand smERP is India’s best Cloud ERP software provider for mid-sized manufacturers in retail and export industries.


Expand smERP has a systematised Leads Management integration to take over conventional sales systems for various B2B transactions. The software was initially designed to simplify sales activities in a business and help accelerate the conversion of leads to potential opportunities. It is used for various sales activities in a business.


  1. Plan, measure and manage your sales pipeline
  2. Identify the most potential leads
  3. Track marketing campaigns across all channels
  4. Schedule follow-ups, tasks and appointments
  5. Assign your leads to the right salesperson
Lead Management ERP Software

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