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Logistics and shipping

Warehouse automation software of Expand smERP comes with pre-integrated shipment partners. You can choose the desired logistics partner and assign the delivery of orders. There is no need for more hunting for shipment partners, negotiations and following up. With one click you can assign the order shipment and track it.


To run such a big business is not an easy task as there are lots of challenges which this industry faces in their daily routine like labor cost, Freight cost, Maintenance cost, ever increasing fuel cost, Assets, Import export duties, High Valuation Asset Tracking, Maintaining stock records of materials, Follow up with clients for payments, Record of damage goods, Maintaining material prices.

Logistics and shipping ERP software

As we all know that the shipping and logistics industry is one of the largest growing industries in the world & over 90% of transportation and trade is carried via shipping and logistics. Without shipping and logistics, import & export of bulk goods & amenities across the world would not be possible.


For managing all these processes, the company needs a robust and a scalable solution which will give the company a single view of all their processes and prepare reports according to what the management wants. Customized reports, seamless processes and actionable data helping make strategic decisions on the go is what the management should look at while getting a business solution.

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