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Production Management Software

Production Management Software

  • Quality Check
  • Production Advice
  • Production Bill of Materials

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Daily Production


Get simple production module for quick input and output capturing. Record wastage for tracking and alert on deviation from standards. It is simple to use and generate production report on a click.



Know your cost of sales, cost of raw material consumed, stores consumption from a simple summary screen with drill down feature to trace transaction details and purchase history of any item.

Online GST accounting software,
build your business more faster.

Expand smERP accounting software keep track of money through online banking; and manage GST, Inventory, automates business workflows, and helps you work collectively across departments.


Get all the info you need to
take action, and analyse the flow of your order & sales in graphical manner.



You’ll know in what stage your
order & sales, and status will be changed as you started working on that.

Why Expand smERP is Preferred

Accounting Software of Businesses

Production Advice

  • Initiate production advice based on the indent to produce or the material requirement planning. Define the quantity for production and the required instructions.
  • Attach files and scanned documents for ready reference related to the specific production. Assign the production advice to owner of that job and get system alert on due date.

Quality Check

  • Quality of a product can be defined as “its ability to fulfill the customer’s needs and expectations”.
  • If a product fulfills the customer’s expectations, customer will be pleased and consider that the product is of acceptable quality. Quality firstly needs to be defined in terms of parameters which vary from product to product. Quality parameters should be defined for Raw material as well as for finished goods.

Outsourcing / Jobwork

  • Outsourcing is an effective cost-saving strategy when used properly. It is sometimes more affordable to purchase a good from companies with comparative advantages than it is to produce the good internally.
  • Manage subcontractors and inventory at subcontractors with Job work. Define Job with multiple job work and in house processes to handle complete production processes.

Discrete and Process manufacturing

  • Expand smERP Production has both Discrete and Process manufacturing, equip you to address the dynamics of your industry. Expand smERP has successfully provided the manufacturing solution to Liquor, Tiles, Cast Iron Products, Filters, Chemical, Gas, Agriculture and Leather Products.
  • Businesses have improved productivity and control wastage using Expand smERP. It gives you real-time access to accurate inventory and work in progress from your desktop or mobile device.

Advance Search & Sorting

  • Advance Search & Sorting
  • Simple graphic layout shows all contacts in alphabetic order listing like telephone index. You can select any alphabet to filter out required contact. Alternately you can also search any contact by Name, Code, Phone number and even by providing e-mail ID

Production Bill of Materials

  • Efficient management of bills of material (BOM).
  • Standard BOM is copied to Production order, from where it can be modified, if needed.
  • Supports Measurement formulas to calculate consumption.
  • Supports negative quantity on BOM lines to handle by-products of production.

SHOP FLOOR Print outs

  • Job card
  • Print job list per work center

BOM Line Type

  • Sub-production.
  • Subcontract.
  • Normal item.


  • Purchase of services from subcontractors.
  • Link sub-contractor to the production order.

Price List

  • The product based price list may be defined for both Vendor and Customer with applicable effective date. So the system will auto pick it wherever required

Production Consumption

  • All consumption is reported through journals. Journals can be automatically generated and/or posted.
  • Scrap can be handled either as a constant or a variable.
  • Calculate expected waste per operation as a percentage

Creation of Production Orders

  • Manual creation of production orders.
  • Create production orders directly from a sales order line.
  • A production order can be divided into two or more orders.

Job Monitoring

  • Ability to track the setup job or the process job per operation.
  • Report resource consumption based on job number

Sale/Purchase Preference

  • Both Customer & Vendor may have their own preferences for buying or selling material like payment terms, delivery terms, product code and delivery lead time etc. You can set all and others separately for each customer/Vendor for each product to get full control over their preferences and satisfactions

Financial integration

  • On-line updating of WIP (items in process) and actual cost to the general ledger when updated in Production.

Benefits of Quality Check

  • It forces your suppliers to meet your order terms and product requirements, or to compensate you for any discrepancy (exact materials, colors, aspect, packing, functions…).
  • You don’t discover quality problems after the goods are delivered.
  • You have the time to adapt your planning and take decisions.
  • The factory can rework the goods itself, and will be more careful in the future.
  • Over the long term, regular inspections and customer feedback contribute to improving your suppliers’ reliability.

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