Smart Way to Manage Inventory with Multiple Units

This article was published on: 29/03/18 4:00 PM

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Smart Way to Manage Inventory with Multiple Units

Inventory is one of the core business aspects traditionally handled by resources; significant details were manually documented and stored in filing cabinets. These traditional practices invited the glitches in transparent inventory management process; still, many companies are due to eliminate this archaic practice. If your company is one of them, it’s time to consult ERP software company in India. It is undoubtedly critical for every business regardless of types and sizes to effectively handle inventory levels and track items throughout the process.

If you want your business to grow, ERP is an absolute necessity. Handling multiple units has never been easy, especially when inventory management is involved. Installing a number of software to handle multiple units just raises the level of complexities.
ExpandERP is one of the most trusted Cloud ERP Software, get real-time visibility across multiple inventory units virtually.
Magnify inventory management with ExpandERP:
=>  Stock transfer:
Keeping a track on stock transfers is definitely hectic, minor errors can be expensive deal to handle. ExpandERP enables you to handle multiple warehouse locations, stock points, sales depots through advanced channel concept.
=>  Stores & bin: 
Dispatch and returns are crucial for managing inventory efficiently; it is significant for businesses to manage their inventory at store levels. With ExpandERP you can easily create inventory transfers between multiple stores in real-time, all you need to do is define bin locations and capacity where you want to transfer. The enhanced feature notifies the nearest bin location on pick and put away processes on manual conductions.
=>  Multi-unit conversions:
Creating stock transactions is something that needs multiple resources to keep a track of the process. ExpanERP enable you to prepare and control stock transactions for multiple units, the advanced features automate the stock conversion and adjustments at primary unit; further it helps you to define unit conversion facets at the product level.
=>  Inventory optimization:
It is detrimental for a company to produce goods over or under demand when it has a global presence. The inventory must work on schedule in case of nature-wise perishable goods. ExpandERP enables you to plan your production accurately and replenish the requirements so that you can make purchasing decision across the units.
Why you need ExpandERP for managing inventory across multiple units:

1. Inter-location stock transfers
2. Real-time stock updates across multiple units
3. Inventory tracing from purchase to sales
4. Bin management cross the location, help to eliminate excess storage
5. Save time and increases resource productivity

Expand one of the renowned ERP software company in India offering the simplified inventory management and stock tracking solution for improvising efficiency and reducing transit costs. Our advanced inventory features enable the user to manage multiple units from a single console. Many businesses previously shied away from evaluating ERP software as the feasibility of layer of complexities. However, with Expand you get the best visibility on the entire inventory process incorporating suppliers, suppliers’ chain partner, accurate financial reports.
It’s not too late to automate your business processes, especially inventory because one solution is catering multiple disciplines.

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