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A Cloud-Based ERP Solution that helps your business grow to its full potential.

Finding an appropriate ERP Solution for a small business can be a task. ExpandERP helps in accelerating the growth of small businesses by streamlining their business processes and reduced IT cost. Being based on Cloud, ExpandERP allows small businesses to scale easily. So even if you are a fast-growing company looking for dynamic solutions with autoscaling features ExpandERP is a perfect solution for your business.

Manage your Growth with ExpandERP

Why choose a Cloud-Based ERP Solution?

Opting for a cloud based ERP solution will not only save time but also help you take faster decisions.

  • Save atleast 20% of your daily time in maintaining various spreadsheets while using our cloud ERP software. A centralized database eliminates the duplicacy of entries saving your time and effort.
  • With cloud ERP system in place, you can take business decisions based on real-time facts and analytics.
  • A cloud based ERP for manufacturing industry can be of great help. Proper inventory management will help in optimizing their inventory utilization.

Automation of business processes with a cloud ERP software will lead to better allocation of resources helping in managing your daily workload with ease.

  • An Integrated Supply Chain Management will help in gaining efficiencies in stock management. With automated reorder points minimize the risk of running out of stock.

The best thing about a cloud ERP software is its anytime accessibility.You can manage your business on the go anytime, anywhere.

  • A cloud based ERP solution is more accessible than an on-premise ERP. Companies can upload and access data in real-time via the cloud allowing greater collaboration among departments.
  • With information available on the go you can take more fact-based informed decisions especially in the critical function areas of your business.
  • Cloud ERP can be great solution especially for remote sites where having an on-premise solution is difficult to manage.

Daily automatic backups, machine and user binding are some of the best cloud ERP solutions to take all your worries.

  • Once you are in cloud no need to worry about losing your business critical data. Automatic daily backups is what makes cloud based ERP solutions the most favourable choice among businesses.
  • Though cloud ERP systems are easily accessible restrictions can be implemented for business purpose. To prevent unauthorized access to your data, machine as well as user binding solutions can be implemented restricting the access to genuine verified users only.
  • Disaster Recovery can be another benefit of moving to a cloud based ERP solution.

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Success Stories

Ritesh Agarwalla

Expand ERP has become our most important business tool today. The customised production & inventory module helps us track & plan our production & material management in the most efficient way.

Ritesh Agarwalla
ExpandERP is our most important business tool today
Mr. Navkaran Singh Bagga
Director Trishan Exports Pvt Ltd-----Export

With this implementation, we have been able to reduce manual interventions and achieve greater transparency and accountability between all our locations. I would highly recommend Expand for any business wanting to delimit itself from locational barriers.

Mr. Navkaran Singh Bagga
Greater transparency & accountability with less manual interventions
Mr. Uttam Chatterjee
Business & Operation Head, SG Retails Private Ltd.

Last 3 years we are using your eDominer's Expand ERP software for retail industry, and it is giving great support to our retail business, also we are thankful for timely support and upgradations.

Mr. Uttam Chatterjee
It has been a great support to our retail business
Atul Jhunjhunwala
Director, BinayakHitech Engineering Ltd’-MANUFACTURING

ExpandERP reduces laborious work for maintaining export documentation it has been very helpful to track, maintain and deliver goods efficiently.

Atul Jhunjhunwala
Reduces laborious work for maintaining export
Jayant Saboo
Managing Director Dura Roof Pvt. Ltd--Manufacturing

Expand is an excellent product, for all MSMEs especially, because of its flexibility and user interface. It has solutions for all departments & functions. Also I feel it is necessary to mention that Mr. VineetBansal’s understanding of business is par excellence which gets even better with his never say no attitude

Jayant Saboo
Excellent product... solutions are even better than expected
S. Thakurta
Director, Fidere Engineers & Services P Ltd -Manufacturing

eDominer helped us to develop and implement a solution that fit our business needs with 100% accuracy

S. Thakurta
A perfect fit to our business with 100% accuracy
Mr. Nitin Gupta
Director, LGW Limited

eDominer’sExpandERPhas been a blessing in disguise for us. After evaluating the functional demo, our team knew that we have struck gold in ERP.

Mr. Nitin Gupta
It is like a blessing in disguise to our business.