How I perceive Life and Business will change after Covid-19

How i perceive life and business will change after covid-19

This article was published on: 17/04/20 12:06 PM

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How I perceive Life and Business will change after Covid-19

Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.


But we humans are mere puppets of the Divine who may have planned and curated a better future for the generation to come, for which people across the globe are compelled to pause, unwind, virtually unite and show endurance and perseverance within the confinement of their own homes. The human race is facing the biggest crisis since World War II. A calamity-struck world is devastated as the pandemic Covid-19 is speedily spreading its reach. Till date, over 1.5 million people have been affected by Covid-19 and about 80,000 people have died worldwide. Billions of people have been suffering passively from the impact of the disease. These numbers are rising in leaps and bounds each day and countries are trying restlessly to flatten the curve.

Protecting the humans from the disease has undoubtedly put the world economy on a downturn. World trade has been paused abruptly for the last 4 months since the disease crept first in the city of Wuhan in China in the month of December last year, killing thousands and contaminating several. Since then the Corona virus epicenters have shifted from China to Europe to the United States of America. At present the U.S.A is battling to take control of the pandemic which is wreaking havoc in the world’s busiest and biggest city New York and parts of New Jersey.

They always say time changes things but you actually have to change them yourself.

– Andy Warhol

This outbreak has been identified as the start of a deglobalisation. The world will be facing the greatest recession economically. Similar to the 2007-08 Global Financial Crisis, this will be primarily a health crisis leading to an economic shortage. 

India has been coherently controlling the pandemic spread as much as possible owing to the well-coordinated steps taken by the Government. Further, India’s prowess in medicine and health science and also mass awareness with the help of digital technologies and the political command of our P.M has sincerely helped in the containment of the disease so far. The nationwide complete lockdown may have its repercussions on the economy of the country, but at the end of the day we all cannot agree less with our PM Modiji  that, “Jaan hai toh jahaan hai.”

(Life is worthy only until we are alive).

According to the World Economic Forum, “There is no returning to normal after Covid-19. But there is a path forward.” So as humans we ought to unanimously hope and pray for the light at the other end of the tunnel and lend our backs to each other at this hour of crisis. Life after Corona won’t be the same for all. As every situation has pros and cons, here too we humans will witness a drastic change in every aspect. The good may include, a cleaner, healthier environment, less pollution, change in behavioral patterns like people will surely respect and value relations and love even more, people will also take life less for granted and take proactive measures and precautions as and when needed. Well, the negative side to it is the several losses of life and affected people, the trauma that people may have gone through, the monetary losses primarily borne by all the rich and the poor, the abrupt changes in everyone’s lifestyle and many more. The fear in people’s minds ought to prevail even after the curve flattens and going out for socialising and entertainment will be of less importance. The worst affected are the daily wage earners who are at a loss as they don’t know how to earn their daily meals.

Unemployment and poverty in the low income group will heighten, while the high income category are suffering losses in millions for the lockdown and stagnancy of trade and business worldwide.

Suddenly, if we see through the looking glass; the horizons have turned around and a world envisioned only by futurists who forecasted apocalypse and the ominous twinning year(2020), is playing out in real-time. Overnight fashion houses have turned into surgical mask making workshops, automotive companies are manufacturing ventilators and breweries and perfume makers are making hand sanitizers. Today, as the nation is undergoing a change we stand as one united Country to face the fear and stand victorious. The initiatives taken by the Government, the Corporates, the doctors and health workers, the security officers, the social workers, the journalists etc are commendable and overwhelming.

However, as strategists believe, assessing needs and priorities and mapping them with a time frame can help government, businesses and individuals respond to a ‘new normal’. We need to look beyond the crisis and try to build a new frame of work style. The best way to curb such a situation which demands staying at home to stay safe is to adapt to cutting edge technology. Bankers, IT officials, schools, colleges, institutes are all proactively utilising this time of lockdown in whichever way they can. Multiple group video calling applications like Google duo, Zoom, Webinar etc are being used to conduct online lectures and classes and conferences to reach out to people and stay connected. Life is not quite the same virtually and working from home has its own challenges. For example, for most people ‘work from home’ may be compulsively the ‘new normal’ but for some others it is a culture hard to get accustomed to.


Fortunately our Gen -Y are already well equipped and learned to deal with such situations.


My daughter of seven is overwhelmingly responding to her dance lessons and school classes being conducted online as if it was just meant to be the same.

Statistics show that the world post Covid-19 could push half a billion people into poverty. India with a magnanimous population of over 130 Crores is threatened with the financial instability of its people. The Government is taking proactive measures to curb all the discomforts of people as much as possible. Employers are requested not to take away jobs or waiver salaries below a certain amount. The Prime Minister’s Relief Fund is beaming with donations all across the world and for once now there is no inequality in class, creed or religion. Any disruptions created by extremists are being taken seriously by the security forces which is a much needed action taken for a democracy. The prime concern here is to free the nation, the world from this disease.

Gartner survey found 74% of companies plan to permanently shift to more remote work post covid-19.

IT companies are a blessing to mankind. The best in class softwares is the need of the hour to help such situations with ease. Expand ERP software solutions on cloud initiations are the core business initiatives that provide the most value today – they require operational excellence and superior execution.

The coronavirus outbreak that has driven millions of workers indoors is opening up new vistas for companies in the technology industry, as remote work boosts demand for virtual networks, software-as-a-service and security firewalls. Telecommuting is here to stay undoubtedly. Many big brands who were earlier reluctant about remote work have prompted their resolutions to handhelds, personal digital assistants, smartwatches, tools like Zoom and Microsoft teams, or Alexa and Google mini.

As an entrepreneur, if you are concerned about the stagnancy of your manufacturing business let me give you some relief. Expand ERP software solutions is the ultimate solution for working remotely effectively. The software is an office in itself and provides every relevant data that is required to operate the business from home.

How does Expand cloud ERP help to work from home effectively?


A cloud ERP software is the ultimate solution to working effectively from home.

  1. Data is stored in an external multiple location data center which can be accessed remotely.
  2. All important documents are uploaded on your ERP, so there is no need for several papers and files.
  3. As a leader, it is important for you to stay connected with your team to make them feel included. With Whatsapp integrated into your ERP this can be easily done.
  4. With your ERP you can keep your books of accounts updated, reconcile payables and receivables, verify stock and inventory and prepare yourself for the future.
  5. You can also utilise your time upgrading your knowledge about your ERP.
  6. For any relevant queries and information our Biztech experts are constantly available at your service.

Our patron Mr.Gupta of a renowned Export firm. is an entrepreneur with foresight. He has insured his company long back from such dysfunctionalities of access to data or resources. He has implemented Expand ERP software in his manufacturing company which is managing his business for him now at this crisis period. He testifies;

“The software has proved its worth during this crisis period. My company is insured and protected in the right hands and I am less worried about how to make up for the time loss during this lockdown. Expand ERP has shown its value and helped me stay connected with my team and inspire them to work from home and protect their families as well as the company.”

Expand ERP is India’s best-fit cloud ERP solution for fast growing businesses like yours. It empowers the mid sized manufacturers in the export and retail industry with real-time visibility and complete control over their business for faster expansion by simplifying complex business processes.

With over 15 years of extensive R&D and market testing, we have developed a software that seamlessly fits into Indian Business. We are the OEM of this solution. Further, specific fitment through customization and integration are made for the company’s unique needs. All measures are taken to fit seamlessly into the existing business processes to deliver the maximum benefit of our solution.

At such an hour of national emergency, we are open for business and believe that with cutting edge technology even you can work remotely with ease. Make your business future ready by adopting Expand ERP software on cloud.

To know more about Expand ERP and how it will transform your business operations please allow us to arrange for the best fitment test and product walkthrough by our BizTech Expert.


Ritika Gurbani

Digital marketing stratetist- eDominer