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Top 10 business tools

This article was published on: 1/06/20 3:16 PM

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Your business is your dream child. Nurturing it in the best possible ways is in your hands. Understanding the secrets of growth in business is the first step towards success. All business entrepreneurs have a distinct vision to see its company grow in a certain number of years. Developing the perfect strategies and navigating the mission results in growth and ROI inevitably.

Today most successful businesses are abreast with the ever overwhelming digital world we are living in. Without technology there is no respite and surviving in the cut throat competitive market is almost impossible. The tech-savvy business owners are at an edge over the not so tech-savvy entrepreneurs who have to break down walls with their hands to set their businesses on a rollercoaster ride. Moreover in the current unprecedented times going online and moving to digital automation seems like the ultimate step towards restoring your business.

It is astonishing to see how using the right tools can bring tremendous change in the business process resulting in growth.

Enlisted below are the Top 10 business tools that can leverage growth and manage your business completely online:


  1. Acquire – is a multiple channel online helpdesk which enhances customer experience. You customer support team need not have to overwork or fear of failing in their duties as the customer service is performed in real-time engagement. Self-trained, high-end technology bots attend to customers inquiries and provides solutions on time. Acquires AI based sales bot collates online interactions of customers and provides apt information of their needs. This saves time and resources immensely. With pro-engagement features like cobrowse, your customer support team is better positioned.
  2. Zipbooks – Many business owners and operators have a hard time dealing with large numbers in financial records. Zipbooks is an accounting software that takes care of every finance and number related needs of your business. Its intelligence driven software takes it a notch higher than other finance softwares by providing insights on performance and guides your interactions with customers. This tool also helps in standing the test of time when tracking expenses, revenues and profit and reduces human errors.
  3. Basecamp – This tool serves almost the purpose of an organizer. It creates an opportunity for team members to work closely, executing both individual and group tasks. Being organized at the workplace along with effective communication, increases productivity. Basecamp builds strong communication bond between team members by facilitating instant transfer of information. It also allows you to assign tasks to the most appropriate team members based on expertise and forte.
  4. Wunderlist – helps you to plan and organize your engagements and plan ahead, preventing any important matters from being unforeseen. To get the most out of 24 hours, multitasking is the only other option. You need to execute tasks one after the other or side by side. Wunderlist helps you to organize your activities with a to-do-list on the basis of priority. 
  5. G- Suite – This tool is one of Google’s most sought after software’s that speaks volumes of the usefulness of their innovations. It equips organisations with flexible tools that are essential for grown in today’s modern society. G-Suite takes emails further beyond the regular emails by giving businesses the opportunity to have a business identity with a professional email. It also takes accurate care with several features in areas of documentation, survey, presentations, mobility, etc. It’s cloud-based feature empowers businesses to initiate and execute tasks without physical restrictions. 
  6. Google Meet/ Hangout – These are video collaboration tools for real-time communications. It’s clarity in audio and video quality and capacity to engage up to 100 members is a huge respite for offices working from home. You no longer have to worry about projects stalling due to important parties not being present to engage in face to face interactions, as they can join from their individual locations. Meetings, trainings, video webinars and school classes can be conducted with these apps. It is a savior in the times of social distancing where distance is merely physical and not virtual.
  7. Optimonster – This tool is a conversion optimization tool used to grow email lists for continuous customer engagement. Optinmonster grabs the opportunity whenever anyone visits your website and retains them forever. It’s automated messages makes visitors feel at home, leading them to subscribe to your list. Its targeted website messages display useful messages to your newsletter subscribers and returning visitors based on their recorded interactions. 
  8. Buzzsumo – Online business tool Buzzsumo is a must have for businesses with content marketing needs. Content marketing can be truly effective when you churn out the right content. Creating content that people may not be interested in creates no substance and gains no traction. Buzzsumo’s analytic tools show you the leading keywords on various niches. When you inculcate these in your content marketing, you pave your way up the search engine ranking with ease.
  9. Ahrefs – is a search engine optimization tool that gives insights on what your competitors are doing to stay on top of their game, and shows you what you can do to outrank them. It gives you the right tools such as content research, backlink research, and web monitoring for competitive analysis. You are able to create useful and timely content that will gain traffic and enhance sales.
  10. Enterprise Resource Planning  – An ERP is the one solution to manage your business online with ease and enhance growth. It is a digital automation software to streamline and integrate daily business activities like Finance, Inventory management, HR and payroll, CRM, Sales etc. The users will get real-time data and reports of individual departments in single dashboard, which reduces time and resources resulting in growth.

Expand is India’s best-fit ERP on cloud for the Retailers & Exporters in midsized manufacturing business.

It drives business efficiency with ease by perfectly fitting into the existing business process and effectively automating most complex processes, unlike many such ‘one size fits all ERPs’ which doesn’t give desired results to specific businesses. With Expand ERP one can manage his entire business completely online.

With over 15 years of extensive R&D and market testing, this unique software has been ‘made in India’ which seamlessly fits into Indian Business. Further, to fit best to the business, we focus on export and retail domains only.

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Our core strength lies in complete customization to adapt to the specific businesses & continuous integration (with WhatsApp, Paytm, Flipkart, Amazon, Magento, Shopify, Bluedart, Shiprocket, etc.) with growing needs.


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