Virtual Distribution Network – the Channel to Reach your Customers Virtually

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Push boundaries through your tech venture. The optimal use of technology is the only savior for all of us in various fields of life and business post Covid-19. An entrepreneur who uses technology will be at an advantage from the rest. As a market leader in the manufacturing industry, give your distributors the right tools they need to collect orders online instead of physically sending their sales person to retailers or sub distributors. Our best fit cloud ERP software will manage the networking and collect orders virtually, not having to physically go anywhere. The present market scenario and the immediate future is uncertain. But one has to move on with a positive attitude and look forward to proactive measures to curb the spread of the pandemic and also save the business at the same time.

Client Story:

Mr. Swamy is a middle aged manufacturer in textile. He has been a patron of Expand ERP for the last 2 years. He is the owner of a midsize manufacturing unit in Bangalore. Early last year the ERP software solved a lot of the challenges being faced in his company that was slowing its growth. With the implementation of our ERP solution his company has grown in leaps and bounds ever since.


During the national lockdown period, Mr. Swamy has been actively working remotely and has stayed connected with his team through the ERP system. He has provided an online shop for his distributors and channels to reach out to the end buyers. The lockdown may have paused production temporarily but the cycle of selling finished products is still continuing virtually. The distributors have judi slot online jackpot terbesar been able to take orders through the ERP and the goods can be delivered when the lockdown opens.


As a steadfast entrepreneur, Mr. Swamy has successfully planned his production, inventory and logistics earlier. This is only possible when you have a digital system which records, stores and analyses your entire business processing diligently.


Mr. Swamy is a futuristic thinker. He has prepared his company for the worst times and made it future proof.


1) What is Virtual Distribution Network?

A Virtual Distribution Network or Channel is a path routed by the internet that connects a seller to a buyer. This could be in the form of banners or links on other websites. The buyer situs judi online24jam terpercaya clicks on the link and reaches the seller’s personal online shop


A manufacturing business is effective when the product reaches the significant channel of distributors followed by the targeted buyers. Considering the current market scenario and the indefinite threat of Covid19 pandemic, social distancing will remain the new normal in the near future. This doesn’t mean your business should stagnate. You can reach out to your buyers, keeping the channels of distribution, virtually with your ERP software. You need a digital system to receive demand from your distributor and channel sales.


The distributor also gets to keep his share of commission for introducing the customers. By this process slot terbaru you safeguard the interest of you dealers and distributors while improving on your sales.

2) Create your Own Virtual Distribution Network with Expand ERP Software

Effective distribution is the most relevant key to success in sales. But owing to cut throat competition in the market, the implementation of conventional distribution strategy needs to be enhanced with internet marketing so that it can create an alternate distribution channel, virtual distribution network. With such an application your products can reach a wider market with a more focused target. The implementation of such an alternative method has great potential in the future ahead, where ‘social distancing’ will become a norm that will have to be followed even after the lockdown.


As a manufacturer you can plan your inventory and logistics and sell your products in your personal online shop that every distributor can access and share it with their buyers. When the buyer places an order it goes to your distributor and is also available for your production and dispatch planning

3) How to Use Internet Marketing for Distribution Channels

The products distributed online can easily be located by consumers so that the sales transactions become larger. A broad and consistent product line can also keep prices stable and to minimize the possibility of switching to another brand or substitute products. Further to minimize speculation, consistency in the availability of products, and pricing  should be maintained.


Affiliate sites perform the duties of a conventional retailer on distribution channels. Then affiliate networks have the same functions of a distributor. The main modification is the change in component distributors and outlets to the conventional distribution chains that are physically replaced with distributors and virtual outlets, by adopting the affiliate network site in internet marketing. The products will be on display in the form of banners. The real physical products will be delivered after order and payment process is completed.


4) Why to Use Virtual Distribution Network?

With the novel Coronavirus wreaking havoc globally, the world is shattered with the socio economic downturn after indefinite lockdown period. Our nation may reopen next month, but the contagion remains to threaten us. Social distancing and reduction of physical proximity of humans will be the normal scenario until we manage to eradicate the spread of the virus completely.


Quite certainly, schools, colleges, malls, Cineplex’s and institutes will remain closed. Factories and offices might reopen for business with extreme protocols to be followed. In such a situation virtually distributing your product through your ERP software gives an added advantage.


Expand ERP software system gives you a personal online marketplace for your distributors and channels to access and share with their buyers. The orders are received directly and are dispatched when production is ready. Expand ERP cloud software is India’s best fit ERP company for mid sized manufacturers in export and retail industry. It drives business efficiency with ease, even in crisis times. To know more please call 09007026542 Please leave a comment below for any queries or feedback if this article was of any value to you.

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