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Warehouse and Inventory Management

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a corporate honcho, chances are that you didn’t reach up to here without digitisation. So why not choose the best fit ERP software for your warehouse management, as well? A cloud-based inventory management system is easy to implement, secure, scalable, and cost effective. It provides you with hassle free process management; by freeing up your time provides you with better opportunities to shift your focus to areas which probably need more attention. The present and the future is in the cloud. Thus  if you want to operate hassle-free, it’s time to switch to a customized cloud-based online business management system

Top 5 reasons for you to move to Expand ERP cloud-based ERP software inventory management system for your business.


  1. Data recovery: completely secured and accessible 24 x 7.
  2. Cost effective: quicker implementation time, lesser investment and hassle-free deployment.
  3. Flexibility of access: keep track of inventory and accessibility in multiple locations.
  4.  Automatic updation of software: automatically fixing bugs, updating systems with the latest features or patching any IT related problems automatically.
  5. Customization: can be tailored as per your business unique needs.
Warehouse and Inventory Management

Licensed Expand ERP users can also avail the Android mobile App WMS or Warehouse Management System for online/offline warehouse management

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