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POS and Warehouse Management Software

  • Customizable Receipts
  • Discounts & Schemes
  • Flexible Payment and Tendering

Save on time by eliminating costly errors

Customizable Receipts


Expand smERP allows you to customize the receipts as per your business needs and can add extra remarks.



Generate standard and customized reports such as daily/weekly/monthly/annual sales reports, POS register, Inventory reports, and hourly transactions report.

POS and Warehouse Management software,
build your business more faster.

ExpandERP provides best configurable and scalable solutions to your business.


Get all the info you need to
take action, and analyse the flow of your order & sales in graphical manner.



You’ll know in what stage your
order & sales, and status will be changed as you started working on that.

Why Expand smERP is Preferred

POS and Warehouse Management Software of Businesses

Flexible payment and tendering

  • Eases Cash and Credit\debit card transactions and allow multiple modes of payment for a single invoice. PCI feature of EXPAND helps business to built trust with customer as it will encrypt customer’s card details. In addition, it provides easy to read running balance information in the order, showing values for payment taken and payments owned.

Discounts & Schemes

  • Expand smERP gives you the flexibility to create different deals to promote your product. Business can create multiple discounts and schemes for a single product and system will pick the best price for the customer. Campaign management helps you to create customer level discounts for your loyal customers. With its BI tool you can do the analysis of different offers and can track how successful they are.


  • Expand smERP tracks return order with original sales order and a credit note is generated for the retuned product amount. At the tender-type level system ensure that store associate only refunds tender up to the amount originally paid.

Credit Note

    • Credit note functionally is required to handle returns in the system. Credit note is generated to credit the amount which was invoiced previously.
    • In Expand smERP, procedure to create credit note is same as to create invoice, only thing which you have to do extra in credit note, is to select the existing invoice which was posted before and then create and post a credit note proposal. Credit note can have a validity which can be pre-defined in the system configurations. Customer can use that credit note at any of your store and in case of frauds; system allows you to void it as well.


  • In Expand smERP Product/hierarchy /location wise taxes can be defined. Tax will have stat and end date to put the control. A particular tax either can have percentage or amount configuration. A product can have multiple taxes at a time and system will apply all of those based on their end date. Excise duties can also be attached. Expand smERP provides the provision to define, whether Tax will be part of MRP or should be added on top of MRP.


  • Different promotions can be created in the system and can help in boosting sales. Business can create customer specific offers, product level deals or can offer specific amount discounts on products.
  • The problem comes in managing and reconciling offers and their impact in the business. EXPAND provide you the in-build reports for analyzing these offers promotion wise, location wise, customer segment wise intelligent reports which helps you to understand the customer buying behavior.

Mode of Payment

  • Eases Cash and Credit\debit card transactions and allow multiple modes of payment for a single invoice. PCI feature of EXPAND helps business to built trust with customer as it will protect customer’s card details.

Capability for multi location/Mobility

  • It offers online access which helps you to stay connected with the business from anywhere.
  • This feature is very useful for franchises and business having more than one location.

Easy Product look-up

  • Find products by name, or by scanning barcodes, or by selecting items from inventory list and complete the transaction effectively and efficiently.

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