Why a best fit ERP is essential for the food & beverage industry and how it helps faster growth.

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With over 16 years experience in the manufacturing sector , the most essential thing to note about working with such a wide range of companies is the fact that each industry is different, not only in their processes but also in what they look for in an ERP solution . The food and beverage industry is no different. I have highlighted the indispensable functional areas of the industry that need to be addressed in a food and beverage ERP solution.


Any manufacturing industry, regardless of size needs the help of technology to derive optimal growth and ROI. In order to survive the cut throat competition a best fit ERP software is extremely essential.The Food and Beverage (F&B) business operations are complex, chaotic, hectic and very precise in nature. However, with the implementation of an ERP software for Food and Beverage Industry, all the complex processes within the business can be managed with ease. Today, cloud-based ERP software have become extremely popular among F&B businesses, as they enable business owners to acquire visibility, insight and control over their complete operations. A cloud-based Food and Beverage software also optimizes the production process, simplifies procurement as well as inventory management. Moreover, a cloud-based ERP for food industry comes with scalability and flexibility to the users so that they can expand and diversify their business as per their unique needs and is accessible remotely, anywhere anytime.


Expand ERP software is India’s best fit ERP company for manufacturers in the export and retail industry. We have empowered several specialised industries like the food and beverage industry with an ERP software that has accelerated growth.


However, before you proceed with implementing an ERP for Food and Beverage Industry, there are certainly important factors to consider as enlisted below:


1. Identifying unique needs: 


A proper evaluation of your business by assessing your needs and processes so as to determine what exactly you need from an ERP software for Food and Beverage Industry. It is viable to begin by assessing the potential business challenges and individual pain points you need to take into consideration as well as determine the Return on Investment (ROI) your business expects to recover from the ERP. A meticulous need identification and process mapping done in the initial stages leads to an easier and faster ERP software Implementation.


2. Recipe Management:


The main area of focus for food and beverage ERP is recipe management. Each recipe ingredient not only impacts the taste of the product but also the nutritional value, a metric monitored strictly by numerous governmental regulatory agencies. Food and beverage ERP solutions hope to offer the following feature functions to aid in recipe management:


  • Version control of items such as batch sheets and recipes/formulas allows the manufacturer to strictly manage which version is to be used in production.


  • Formulation helps manage what ingredients are being used to create the end product. There might also be a requirement to calculate nutritional values that result from the formulation.


  • Alternate BOMs assist the manufacturer in quickly and efficiently identifying other raw materials that can be     


3. Search for Higher Mobility


As mobility and the concept of ‘Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD)’ has increased across industries, accessing ERP Systems from desktops alone is no longer an option. So, you need to choose an ERP Software Solution for Food and Beverage Industry that enables your users to be functional on smartphones and tablets, and at the same time ensuring that all the operational data is safe and secure.


4. Cheap Price Doesn’t equal to the  Best Quality ERP Software


Businesses should not choose an ERP Solution based solely on their reasonable price. Cost is also one of the important factors, but cheap ERP Systems typically lead to more potential issues later on, including the inability to adapt to meet new business demands, non-compatibility with 3rd Party Devices and Applications, etc. F&B businesses that follow these cautious steps are likely to end up having an ERP and that is apt for all their critical business needs.

5. Choose a best fit ERP Software:


Businesses should carefully evaluate the number of modifications necessary to deploy ERP Software. Highly customized ERP Systems lead to higher costs, not only initially but also when upgrading. F&B Businesses with unique or complex requirements need to understand these considerations so as to eliminate steep cost curves. Moreover, customization will need a longer implementation time, longer ROI and more instability. Expand ERP software is Indian made for the Indian business and perfectly fits into your business-specific needs. It also assures an easy roll out within 28 days, online implementation. 

A robust and best ERP company in India ensures that your company runs efficiently consistently. Expand ERP software for Food and Beverage Industry will provide you with the ability to take control of your entire business and keep it running efficiently. Moreover, it will also help you build customer relations management while keeping your business in line with the required rules and regulations.


Our patron K.D.Liquors is a good example of how our ERP escalated the growth of their business while organising their operational functions and departments with precision and accuracy. They achieved their desired sales in less than a year of implementing Expand ERP software solutions


Thus, with over 16 years of market experience and research, Expand ERP software has proven to be India’s best fit ERP software which perfectly fits into mid-sized manufacturers in export and retail industries. It is made in India, for the Indian business and therefore understands the market demands well. An ERP that is best compatible with your business will give you the best ROI. If it doesn’t fit, never force it. To know more about how our ERP software will smoothly fit into your business process, call us for a fitment test at +91 9007026542

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